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About us

Founded in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, the BalTec Group manufactures joining technology machinery, with a special focus on radial riveting, orbital riveting, roller forming and pressing.

It was BalTec (then known as Bräcker, which coined the term "brackering") that pioneered radial riveting technology in 1968. As a global leader in joining technology, we encompass seven companies with over 60 direct employees and 40 sales and service partners throughout the world.

Our Products Include:

Riveting Machines
Our products find application in situations demanding top-notch connections and joints. They come in diverse configurations, providing exceptional adaptability. The fundamental component in all our machines is the core unit, responsible for producing high-quality connections using radial riveting, orbital riveting, or roller forming methods. We provide a comprehensive array of solutions and develop processes for various joining applications with rigorous quality requirements. Our ability to do so is attributed to our extensive expertise in diverse forming technologies.

Riveting Units
BalTec riveting units are well-suited for seamless integration into automation systems, rotary indexing tables, or transfer installations, regardless of their orientation. These units offer an optimal range of capacities to ensure the efficient utilisation of their riveting capabilities. With over ten various sizes on offer, you can choose between radial and orbital riveting techniques. The selection of the appropriate riveting unit is based on the specific forming force requirements.

Work Cells
To ensure that your radial riveting machine or press operates at its peak efficiency, BalTec offers both off-the-shelf assembly equipment and tailor-made solutions designed to meet all your production needs. BalTec specialises in creating efficient workcells and has a team of experienced designers capable of guiding your assembly equipment system from its initial concept to full realisation.

Control & Monitoring
Whether it's the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, hardware, or medical technology sector, the foundation of any prosperous industrial production lies in the supervision and regulation of forming processes. BalTec has been providing their patented process control solution for more than two decades, initially designed for radial riveting and now implemented across all joining processes offered by BalTec.

BalTec provides an extensive selection of accessories that can broaden the range of applications or serve as optional enhancements for expanding existing machinery. Explore our diverse collection of authentic BalTec accessories, all produced in our Swiss facility.

Third Party Products
By providing products from well-established third-party manufacturers, we enable you to procure everything from a single, convenient source. BalTec offers supplementary third-party products to enhance our product range and offer you comprehensive solutions from a single provider. These products are the specialty of other companies and serve as an extension of our line-up of devices and components.
What we offer
It is our firm belief that only a strong local presence can ensure BalTec's high level of quality and customer satisfaction. In both testing and service centers around the world, we provide support for plant manufacturers and customers during the process of determining the best joining technology or integrating machines. BalTec employees or trained representatives provide this close personal support.
Where we aim to go
The direction we wish to take in the future is determined by our position as a technology leader. To provide you with the best solution, BalTec refines and advances existing technologies as well as develops new possibilities. Providing solutions for challenges in joining technology is also key for BalTec, which works closely with partners and customers. We have created a new benchmark in process monitoring with the patented HPP-25 and the latest, electric product line.
We are BalTec
What is our greatest strength? The key to our success is our committed and motivated employees, many of whom have gained years of experience. A single goal drives us all together: the satisfaction of our customers.

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BalTec UK Ltd

BalTec supply Special Purpose Assembly Machines which incorporate their Riveting Machines and Presses both Pneumatic and Electric. They supply various industries including the Automotive and Medical. Great Products, great Engineers with great solutions for your production requirements!


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