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  • The water may be free but are you dispensing in style?

    More companies such as retailers are installing water dispensing and filling stations to make free water available for all, but just because the water itself is free, doesn’t mean the dispenser or filling station needs to look cheap.

  • 5 steps to the right office Flooring

    If you’re considering replacing your office flooring there are many factors to take into account and at QC Commercial Flooring, we’ve worked with many businesses, ensuring their new flooring works well in their offices.

  • April 2022 Newsletter/blog

    Welcome to our April 2022 newsletter/blog looking at some of what has happened since February and a few items that come into place in the near future which I hope is of interest to our clients.

  • Protecting your staff with CEL

    As people return to the workplace, organisations have a duty of care towards their personnel, particularly against Covid-19 and CEL can help.

Articles 1 to 10 | Page 1 of 4

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