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About us

Caffeica Ltd is your foremost stop for commercial coffee apparatuses and vending solutions. We provide high-calibre refreshment provisions and drink answers that can be obtained through direct purchase, leasing, or renting. Through our wide array of hot beverage machines and vending selections, we possess the ideal model to address the distinct necessities of any establishment.

Being a customer-centric enterprise, Caffeica places great importance on the human connection. We are committed to forming enduring connections, recognising our patrons individually, and extending dedicated assistance both prior to and following your acquisition. Our well-informed staff is constantly ready to aid you, guaranteeing your contentment throughout the entire process. With an exceptional employee retention rate, we hold unmatched proficiency in the realm of coffee machinery.

Our Products & Services Include:

Hot Drink Tabletop Machines
You have the option to choose from a wide array of coffee and hot beverage apparatuses, along with water heating units, filters, coolers, and an assortment of snack vending devices. With diverse designs and sizes available, there exists a machine suitable for any setting.

Vending Machines
These upright machines are contemporary, elegant, user-friendly, and are well-suited for bustling settings that demand a larger quantity of drinks, featuring a range of beverage menus.

Water Dispensers & Taps
Diverse and refreshing cold beverage options are available alongside sophisticated water coolers and taps. These systems are designed to offer a convenient and efficient way of staying hydrated while also indulging in a variety of chilled drinks.

Filter Coffee Machines
Large-capacity coffee brewing machines are perfect for establishments that require swift and effective service of substantial quantities of tea, coffee, or hot water.

Recycled or Refurbished Coffee Machines
Opting for a previously used or reconditioned coffee apparatus is a fantastic means to conserve funds while also contributing to environmental preservation. Commercial coffee machines are engineered with remarkable resilience and robustness, making them a sustainable choice for both your budget and the planet.

Coffee Grinders
Step into the realm of coffee grinders. Whether you're a newcomer in search of your inaugural grinder or a seasoned barista, you've arrived at the perfect destination.

Hot Drinks Consumables
In addition to a wide array of coffee apparatuses and vending amenities, Caffeica is equipped to furnish your business with an assortment of complementary products and services. This encompasses a selection of both coffee and tea offerings.

Coffee Machine Installation, Servicing & Repairs
In addition to presenting a superb collection of hot beverage machines, Caffeica also extends a comprehensive service and maintenance package. This entails one of our skilled service technicians setting up your new coffee machine at a convenient time that aligns with your schedule.

Leasing & Hiring Coffee Machines
Multiple adaptable financial alternatives are available to align with your business's payment inclinations. You have the option to either lease, directly rent, or make a cash purchase for your vending machine.

Selecting the appropriate coffee apparatus has become more straightforward than ever before. The innovations integrated into our hot beverage and snack machines ensure that their flavuor and excellence are on par with those achieved by a proficient barista. Put your confidence in Caffeica to provide your business with the paramount coffee journey.

Explore our website and get in touch with us now to uncover the ideal coffee machine and vending resolutions customised to cater to your specific requirements.

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Caffeica Ltd

We rent a machine from these guys and they honestly provide a fantastic service. I recently joined my company and was tasked with managing the coffee contract. Gina has been so incredibly helpful providing me with everything I need and arranging training for me with regards to the maintenance of the machine. We had an issue with the machine recently, I called at 9:15 and we had an engineer with us by 12:00 fixing it. Great service all round and I highly recommend them.


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