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About us

Camelott enables UK offices to manage their photocopying, printing, scanning, and document production requirements effectively. We offer efficient and environmentally friendly photocopiers, office printers, scanner copiers, and multi-function devices to businesses throughout the UK. Additionally, we provide continuous copier maintenance and printer repair services to ensure smooth operations.

Through the sale, rental, leasing, and servicing of photocopier equipment with national support, Camelott empowers customers to efficiently print, scan, photocopy, and manage documents in-house using state-of-the-art photocopier machines. Our range of photocopiers, eco-friendly copiers, printer copiers, and office equipment enhances productivity in a sustainable manner.

Camelott, an independent dealer of photocopiers, offers top printer/copier brands to commercial and corporate clients, providing adaptable business photocopier solutions, office photocopier rentals, and flexible rental options. We specialise in providing affordable photocopier and printer copier solutions, including rentals for colour photocopiers.

Our Products & Services Include:

Photocopiers for Lease

We feel its best to get a photocopying, scanning and printing machine quote from a Company® that cares about your print. As an independent UK office equipment supplier, Camelott® tailors cost-effective business photocopier and printer scanner rentals bundled into managed print services optimising your print volumes after consultation on current document workflow, photocopier maintenance and reprographics expenses. Request customised quotes for eco-friendly photocopier machines maximising efficiency in printing, copying and scanning and speak with a friendly photocopier dealer on responsible copier leasing.
Photocopiers for Sale
When choosing between photocopier options such as Epson, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta, it's essential to compare their eco credentials. Epson, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta photocopiers are known for their eco-friendly features, including energy-saving modes and recyclable components, making them environmentally conscious choices. Considering factors like energy efficiency and recycling capabilities can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your sustainability goals and office requirements.

Brands Include:

  • Epson Photocopiers
  • Toshiba Photocopiers
  • Konica Minolta Photocopiers
Q-Table - Interactive Touch Tables
The Q-Table represents the cutting edge in interactive touch technology, offering a revolutionary experience for users of all ages. With its advanced touch screen capabilities and intuitive design, the Q-Table allows for seamless interaction and engagement. Featuring manual tilt and rotation options, as well as powered rise and lower functionality, it adapts effortlessly to any setting or user preference. Designed to cater to a wide range of users, from children aged 3 to seniors aged 95, the Q-Table is perfectly suited for nurseries, care homes, schools, nursing homes, and businesses alike. Whether it's for educational purposes, entertainment, or enhancing communication, the Q-Table, exemplified by the Q-Table Camelott Nursery Touch Table 3, offers endless possibilities for interactive learning and collaboration.
Lockdown Alarms for Schools, Nurseries & Care Facilities
In today's dynamic educational environment, lockdown alarms have become essential for ensuring the safety of students and staff in schools, nurseries, and educational institutions across the UK. Whether you oversee a school, college, or care centre, establishing an effective protocol for lockdowns is paramount. Our cutting-edge wireless lockdown system offers seamless installation without disruptive wiring, preserving your school's decor and minimising costs. Invest in our tailored lockdown solution to proactively secure your educational environment, providing clear audible and visual alarms for swift action during emergencies, without compromising safety.
Centred on sustainable practices like eco-friendly copiers, recycling toner, and optimising efficiency, we assist offices in responsible printing, photocopying, and scanning, thus reducing energy, paper, and supply consumption. Our skilled team offers guidance on enhancing office printing and document workflows through advanced multifunction devices, printers, and professional photocopiers.

For any printer/scanner repair or continuous photocopier maintenance requirements, Camelott ensures comprehensive coverage as your reliable national supplier and dealer of photocopiers. Reach out to us today to explore how our photocopiers and sustainable services can enhance the efficiency of your office.

Camelott is delighted to assist you with your photocopiers and printers. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, or schedule an online meeting with one of our advisors at your convenience.


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Recommend Jason and his Team for a great service, we have been using them for a little while now for our photocopier rental and the support is great. We have drastically improved our product packaging with the Toshiba e-Studio printer we have rented from them and had ongoing support for our somewhat unusual requirements! It's great just having them down the road in Telford.


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