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The CCI Group is a leading provider of customer management services in Africa, assisting both local and international clients. With its headquarters in the UAE, the group consists of companies spanning the African continent, serving brands from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, and more. CCI Global, and CCI Kenya, focus on business process outsourcing (BPO) or international outsourcing of digital customer management strategies.

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Impact Sourcing
We aspire to become the foremost and highly regarded outsourcing provider in Africa, delivering exceptional solutions that bring value to our clients and their customers. Our mission is to maintain our position as trailblazers in emerging African markets, achieving this by investing in people and uplifting the communities where we operate. We empower individuals through comprehensive training, with a specific emphasis on developing young professionals for successful careers in the BPO industry across all areas of mobile technology. 

Why Africa?
Africa is experiencing unprecedented growth as the fastest-growing continent worldwide, driven by a rapidly urbanising population and a wealth of highly educated young individuals eager to utilise their hard-earned qualifications. With a natural proficiency in English language skills, African talent possesses an unmatched level of comprehension. The region's high retention rates and ample opportunities for advancement contribute to its status as a global leader in terms of capabilities and expertise. CCI Global have both CCI Kenya and CCI South Africa on the African continent. 

Our Solutions
CCI operates across a diverse range of service lines, offering capabilities across various industries to meet the needs of global clients seeking high-quality outcomes while making a positive social impact.

Customer Management
The success of business growth hinges on selecting partners who possess a deep understanding of your services, products, and target market. Effectively acquiring, retaining, and managing your customer base directly translates into opportunities for sales growth. CCI has an exceptional track record in delivering these outcomes, serving a global portfolio of clients with excellence.

Consumer Sales
CCI Kenya can support bolt-on to your customer acquisition strategy, supporting with lead generation, marketing activities, and lead management. Their team of English-speaking professionals can manage multiple touchpoints of your customer lifecycle or global delivery network to deliver consumer sales. CCI Kenya do not just deliver excellent customer service, but can also sustain specialist capabilities for them in marketing functions for leading brands.

Omnichannel Management
CCI offers support to organisations worldwide through both voice and digital channels. We implement effective processes and leverage our international expertise to ensure the provision of suitable agent profiles, systems, and interactions that enhance the quality of your brand's services. Recognising the ongoing evolution of our industry, we make significant investments in our omnichannel strategy to stay at the forefront of customer service excellence.

Administration & Processing
Achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness in translation, digitisation, claims, and complex case management necessitates a skilled and well-equipped workforce. At CCI, we seamlessly integrate your workflows into our operational design, providing a comprehensive training infrastructure that equips our agents with the necessary skills to excel in all your standard processes. This ensures that your operations are optimised and your desired outcomes are consistently achieved.

Technical Expertise
To deliver detail-oriented and focused services, a highly educated workforce is essential. CCI brings a diverse talent base with specialised knowledge to support technical service lines, enabling our agents to effectively handle complex operational queries. Furthermore, we support your business needs by fostering cross-industry learning and offering portfolio solutions that enhance our capabilities across different sectors. With CCI as your partner, you can rely on our skilled workforce to provide comprehensive support tailored to your specific requirements.

English Neutral, Globally Capable
Africa boasts one of the most globally connected youth populations, where young job seekers are exposed to a diverse range of popular culture. This exposure influences their style, conversations, behaviours, and worldview.

At CCI, our workforce offers an English neutral accent that sets us apart across our services, creating a greater sense of familiarity for your customers. With our agents' first language capability and extensive knowledge base, we possess the capability to dynamically address and resolve customer queries. Considering business process outsourcing (BPO) is ideal for cost efficiency for high growth companies. Just ask our specialist partners and BPO partners. 

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