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For over 40 years, Censol Ltd has been a leading provider of production and maintenance products to various industries. We specialise in Spill Management and offer industry-approved critical wiping materials for aerospace, manufacturing, and engineering sectors. Our product range includes Spill Absorbents, Low Lint/Lint Free Wipes, and Degreasing Wet Wipes. Additionally, we provide The Managed Station, designed to contain environmentally responsible Low Lint Wiping rolls and Wet Wipes for critical wiping applications, aiding clients in compliance with the latest UK legislation.

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We have been using the Censol Stations (12 off) and products (5 off) at our site since early 2017. These have been placed in strategic locations throughout the 6 workshop bays in the facility. They have proven to be very beneficial to the workshop staff due to their convenience of availability and product types for general cleaning of work areas and parts/units. The products have been used in preference to items kept in the Emergency Spill Kit bins (not good practise) for general mopping up of liquid spills this has helped with expensive replacement costs of Emergency Spill Kit items. Product choice is good to cover the majority of cleaning needs and working with Censol ensured we got the right ones for our applications and requirements. The Absorbent Stations themselves are compact and do not have a large footprint making them easy to install and have them point of use next to machinery. The management of replenishment is carried out by Censol ensuring that the bins are kept topped up at all times which is another benefit.


Just following on from yesterday’s project meeting we now have 26 stations in and around the key locations within our factory. We have had Simon from Censol visit us now on 3 occasions each time he comes he has put in additional stations provided additional tool box training along with changing materials to better suit our application. Censol are making regular replenishment visits to ensure that the Stations are fully stocked with materials. It’s fair to say that the shop floor teams love the standard rag replacement product it works much better than rags and with the chemical impregnated wipes they are great for de greasing with the exception of the paint department everyone feels these are a much better solution plus we are reducing our waste by up to 70% and in addition this should reduce the need for hazardous chemicals to be used for cleaning. It give us a 5’s solution and removes the need to have old rags on the shop floor. Further workings outs shows that even after purchasing from them the new wipes that we would make a small saving on our overall costs but this saves a lot of hidden supervision stores and logistics cost as the machines are replenished by our supplier


Thanks to Censol’s new Absorbent Station Managed system we're able to track who is using the products from the Costing and usage report emailed over by Censol, providing high visibility, as well as giving our operators the freedom to simply select the products they require knowing they will be in stock with Censol ’s site visit replenishment service. The system fits with our lean philosophy and provides improvements with our reporting, at a cost which is significantly lower than it used to be.


We have been delighted with the introduction of the new Censol Absorbent Stations in our manufacturing facility. We have received fantastic feedback from our operators, who find the ease of use a considerable benefit, as well as the availability of products to them during all times of the day.


Results from our trial with Censol showed the number of wipes required were significantly less than the rags currently being used. Consequently there was a significant reduction in the quantity (weight) of waste wipes being generated. The cost of wipes required against a 65% reduction in the cost of waste disposal gives a cost reduction. As a result of this project we will significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with the disposal of waste rags/wipes. The Censol work station gives a valuable cost savings across all 3 products used.