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About us

Chameleon Consultancy & Training Ltd is a renowned and award-winning company dedicated to assisting schools in achieving success in income generation and marketing endeavours. With over two decades of experience in the education sector, we possess a profound understanding of the strategies that prove effective in fundraising and marketing for schools.

We are a prominent consulting firm that specialises in providing personalised marketing and bid-writing solutions exclusively designed for educational institutions. Drawing from our extensive experience within the educational field, we recognise that each school is a distinct entity with its own values, obstacles, and goals. Our customised approach extends beyond generic solutions; instead, we thoroughly explore the specific requirements of your institution to deliver practical strategies that align with the values of your community.

Our Services Include:

Income Generation for Schools
Chameleon Consultancy & Training places a strong emphasis on the value of working together. We engage in close collaboration with your school's staff, Trustees, and Governing Body, immersing ourselves in your distinctive environment to gain a deep understanding of your particular requirements. Our goal is to deliver customised solutions, whether it involves boosting your rental income, strategically engaging with local business sponsors, pinpointing suitable grants and trust funds, or crafting a sustainable, enduring income generation strategy. Throughout this journey, our team remains dedicated to providing expert guidance at every juncture.

Bid Writing for Schools
Uncover the secret to accessing more than £1.5 billion in grant and trust funds that become available to schools and charitable organisations annually. Chameleon Consultancy provides a comprehensive bid writing service tailored for schools, simplifying what can often be a challenging and uncertain process, and turning it into a clear and prosperous path.

Marketing & Communications for Schools
Within the constantly changing and competitive educational environment, every school is an individual establishment with its distinct principles, purpose, and community. Effectively conveying your unique value proposition to your target audience is crucial for differentiating yourself in the crowded education sector. At Chameleon Consultancy, we recognise the distinctiveness of each school and acknowledge that a personalised strategy for marketing and communication is essential.

Training & Masterclasses for Schools
Our classes are meticulously crafted with your needs as the top priority, and their effectiveness is evident through the testimonials and recommendations from fellow school leaders. We organise vibrant and participatory workshops, offering you the optimal chance to acquire fresh skills, insights, and knowledge for enhancing your school's financial resources or elevating your marketing and communication efforts.

Speaking Engagements
The Managing Director of Chameleon Consultancy & Training, Justin Smith, boasts extensive experience collaborating with schools and providing guidance to business managers, Headteachers, and Governing Bodies throughout the United Kingdom. Justin is not only an award-winning professional but also a highly regarded expert in the field of fundraising and marketing within the education sector. He frequently delivers speeches at conferences and events, further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

Chameleon Consultancy & Training has carefully assembled a diverse selection of practical and innovative offerings. From transformative solutions to enlightening masterclasses, our collection is purposefully crafted to empower school leaders across the country. Whether you're leading independent primary schools or managing large multi-academy trusts, our commitment to support remains steadfast. Our services encompass everything from thorough marketing evaluations to the skillful preparation of bid and grant applications.

We don't merely provide services; we establish partnerships, delivering ongoing support to aid schools in their growth, differentiation, and pursuit of long-term success.

Select Chameleon Consultancy & Training Ltd as your reliable ally in your journey towards growth.


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Chameleon Consultancy & Training Ltd

We invited Justin to HEART to deliver his masterclass in fundraising for schools and academy trusts. What we got was a day filled with both the theory of fundraising and practical applications tailored very much to our schools and our Trust. We left the day brim-full of new ideas to help inform our Trust Development Plan and solutions that we hope over time will directly impact the children we are all here to serve. Overall a very good investment and a valuable experience.


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