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Child Safety Cushioning

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Charford House, Machine Farm, Hill Furze, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2NE, United Kingdom

Ezy Safety Cushioning, a division of Radford Ezy Net is a dedicated child safety cushioning specialist, supplying a range of wall, corner and edge protectors for your home or business. Used to avoid injury when babies, children or adults fall, slide or stumble. The shock absorbing safety cushioning also helps protects walls and floors from unwanted damage.

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We use the Boing aluminum reinforced reflective corners strips to help guide employees to exit and protect them from the overhead conveyor uprights. The original need for the corners was to cover a building X-brace employees must walk under.The corner strips provide protection from overhead injuries for employees working the pick module and conveyor area. The corner strips are also used in heavy traffic areas around more overhead conveyor uprights. The strips provide not only walkway marking but also protects the employees from the upright bolts and other protruding metal.


Great product. Attached to my garden wall with ease. Perfect! One less thing to worry about with two small boys tearing around the garden.