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  • 0176 (Display number) 01761 410015
20-24 Fourth Avenue
Westfield Industrial Estate
Radstock Somerset BA3 4XE United Kingdom

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Release managers to manage with Chronologic's workforce management system (WFM)

Workforce Management Software facilitates employee time tracking, administering absence and measuring productivity to improve workforce resourcing. Chronologic solutions are purpose-built to help you drive business outcomes by engaging your employees.

A powerful and user-friendly solution with a depth of functionality that allows your team to easily collect, track, and manage staff time and attendance, work rotas and employee absence at the click of a button, all in a simple but intuitive system.

The key benefits of using a workforce management system include simple and effective methods to schedule the right employees to the right job at the right time, ensuring an optimum level of the right staff are always present to meet demand, optimise productivity costs and support relevant business processes and procedures.

Managing many internal processes – typically including employee scheduling, managing people, time keeping, attendance monitoring, holiday management, compliance risk and employee engagement, are all essential elements of a good solution.

Efficient management of each of these alone can help cut operational and production costs, but a system can consolidate not only the processes, but also the overall cost benefit to the business.

Automating payroll processes and ensuring accurate hours accrued by employees, which are commensurate with your pay and work rules and can be uploaded to the payroll system with minimum effort or intervention, can cut many hours of manual payroll processes, dramatically reduce payroll queries and release expensive resources to do more productive work.

Contact us now on 01761 410015, or visit the Chronologic website.

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I didn’t really have any initial worries with the uAttend System, as setting up wasrelatively straight forward and the system was pretty much what we wanted. I had it up andrunning in a few minutes with no problems. And I felt very relieved. I can (now) concentrateon the things that I should be getting on with. The system is perfect...It’s really easy to use and all the information you need is on a web page. Our staff find it easy to use, too, so there’s no problems at all now. The system has really changed our business for the better. My employees can now see how and why they are paid. I can print off their clocking on and clocking off times and put it in with their pay packet, and they can quite clearly see that these are the hours they’ve worked and that’s why they’re being paid x amount this month. I recommend the A2T uAttend system to other businesses – it’s an excellent system!



After seeing the Focus T & A system at a reference site it was agreed that this product was a good match for our needs. We felt Focus would comfortably be able to handle all of our payroll and reporting requirements, whilst at the same time being a lot faster and more robust than Timelog, and at the same time priced very competitively. We felt that given how well A2T knows our business, it made sense to stick with them. We have also been impressedby the level of friendly, personal support that we have received from A2T over the years, so we felt confident we would receive the same good quality service during and after the implementation.During the implementation A2T were very responsive and helpful in getting any issues we wereexperiencing ironed out. We were also very impressed by the responsiveness of the software vendors (HR Industries) who made several updates to the software to meet our requirements. We received two days of training as part of the implementation.We have been using Focus solely for three months now and we are very happy with it. We estimate we are saving at least ½ a day every week processing reports / exports. The system has proven itself to be reliable, robust and flexible enough to meet all our reporting requirements. A2T have provided a very good quality of service throughout and I would not hesitate to recommend A2T and Focus to anyone.



Alastair (Access-To-Times Director) provided Airways Optical (Specsavers) with a first class service – he is technically very competent and delivered our requirements in a timely and professional manner. His people management skills are excellent and he communicates brilliantly with all levels of staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alastair to anyone looking for time management tools and service.


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