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Experience shows that a few crucial seconds are all it takes for a recipient to decide whether to read or throw away paper documents. That's why Clippa have designed and developed a range of promotional printed paper clips, ideal for an innovative marketing concept.
Our largest range of promotional items is Clippa paperclips. Paperclips are an excellent marketing tool that not only promotes the business but also fits the purpose in what it was intended.

Clippa paper clips are available in stainless steel which can feature your corporate logo, product brand and slogan. The paperclip is printed to a very high resolution directly onto the stainless steel making a striking finishing touch to your outgoing paper documents and business correspondence. Printed with a logo, article name or catch phrase, image imprinted metal paperclips can play a very powerful role with introductions and cost effective promotions.

Manufactured in Europe, printed stainless steel paper clips from Clippa are an affordable and indestructible metal promotional item suitable for cost effective corporate giveaways and mass marketing mailers. The paper clip is feather light and flat not only making it postage friendly they are also franking machine compatible.

As well as stainless steel, Clippa promotional clips can come in a wide range of colours, styles and shapes, we can even create your own fancy shaped wire clip from your design making it totally unique to your company.

Clippa promotional bespoke paperclips make a striking first impact, adding that little extra class to your proposal / mail. Create longer lasting impressions with Clippa branded promotional metal paperclips. Your name, custom and -if you wish- your telephone number will remain in circulation as Clippa promotional paper clips are rarely thrown away!

Clippa promotional paperclips are a sublime way to ensure customers and clients are constantly made aware of your business.

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Hi Paul Thank you for a great service, the printed metal has worked a treat, customers are commenting upon them and this all helps them to remember us, further more they keep the clip. Brilliant! I have refered Metalmaster to quite a few people already so expect a few more orders soon! Regards Martin



Hi Paul Thank you Metalmaster for a great service and your printed clips were a great success with our customers. I have made a number of referals already so expect a few more orders coming your way.Brilliant Martin


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