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At DioramX, we transcend the conventional consultancy role; we emerge as visionaries in property visualization and design. Our inception is rooted in a fervent desire to reshape spaces, driven by an acute attention to detail. What distinguishes us is our steadfast dedication to precision and innovation.

What sets us apart? It's the fusion of creative expertise and a robust architectural foundation. This distinctive combination enables us to envision properties in their optimal form, highlighting their most marketable features. We go beyond mere design; we are architects crafting immersive experiences.

DioramX revolutionizes the real estate landscape through advanced 360° tours, AI-generated visuals, and 3D designs, reshaping property experiences. Overcoming the hurdles of conventional property marketing, DioramX introduces immersive 360° virtual tours, AI-driven visuals, and BIM-enabled 3D visualizations. This unique and comprehensive solution enhances property exploration, marketing, and design, addressing the challenges in traditional approaches.

Our Services Includes:

3D Visualization

Whether it's architectural renderings, product simulations, or virtual environments, their team of skilled artists and technicians excels in crafting meticulous 3D visualizations that transcend the boundaries of imagination. DioramX not only delivers visually captivating representations but also offers a dynamic tool for clients to explore and communicate their visions with unparalleled clarity and precision. In the dynamic landscape of design and visualization, DioramX stands as a beacon of innovation, providing a bridge between imagination and reality through the lens of 3D excellence.

360 Virtual Tours
Our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology allows us to redefine how individuals engage with spaces. Specializing in a diverse range of applications, from real estate showcases to interactive event experiences, we seamlessly integrate creativity with technological precision. Our 360 Virtual Tours invite users to explore environments with unprecedented detail and immersion, offering a dynamic and interactive journey. Through our meticulous attention to realism and user-driven narratives, we elevate the virtual tour experience, creating a seamless bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

Floor Plans
Discover the possibilities of your property through our accurate measurements, serving as a guide for future development, interior design, and extensions. Uncover potential that enhances your property experience, designed for homeowners, real estate professionals, developers, and interior designers. Enter a realm where precision shapes the promising future of your property.
We strongly hold the belief that each property possesses a distinctive story ready to be unveiled. Our purpose is to serve as the channel for conveying that narrative in the most captivating manner possible.

Join us at DioramX as we set unprecedented standards and redefine the path of property visualization and design. Together, we can create enthralling experiences and reveal the untapped potential within each space.



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I reached out to DioramX to get a floorplan and 3D visualisation of my apartment in London and the team did more than deliver! Offering multiple options and different views I got a complete package!


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