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Unit 1A & B, Leyland Business Park
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Leyland PR25 3GR United Kingdom

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About us

DLR Elastomer stands as a seasoned and trustworthy enterprise specialising in rubber sheeting, fabrications, and moulding. We draw upon diverse expertise in materials science and manufacturing, amalgamating these proficiencies to craft unique rubber goods.

For over a century, DLR has harnessed its extensive understanding of materials, their characteristics, and processing methods to create tailored mouldings and fabrications across various sectors. Our central offerings encompass rubber moulding, rubber sheeting, and cast polyurethane items. We can provide rubber sheeting with or without fabric inserts and tailor moulded components with distinct qualities. While working with non-black rubber items poses challenges, DLR is fully prepared to conquer them.

DLR Elastomer collaborates with diverse sectors, spanning from oil and gas to pharmaceuticals and aerospace. Our engagement extends to a broad array of polymer and rubber goods, encompassing Isoprene, EPDM, FFKM, ACM, NBR, VMQ, CSM, and various others!

Our Products & Services Include:

Tailor-Made Sheeting
Rubber compound is calendered and then rotocured with cloth or plate finishing. The choice of rubber compound depends on the specific application and operating conditions. Uncured sheeting is frequently provided for on-site fabrication by clients. Reinforcement of rubber sheeting is achievable through woven fabric.

Bespoke Rubber Mouldings
Being a rubber moulding firm, customised rubber mouldings are created in-house through close collaboration with mould designers. Our collection of injection, compression, and transfer moulding presses on our premises enables us to offer diverse solutions to clients. Rubber, in conjunction with woven fabrics and tailor-made inserts, finds frequent application in these mouldings.

Polyurethane Casting & Moulding
Sorbothane represents one of our polyurethane offerings. Our rubber mouldings deliver effective vibration isolation and damping, serving as efficient acoustic dampers. This material can also be adhered to other substances like PTFE and metals.

For over a century, DLR has been amalgamating extensive expertise in materials, their characteristics, and processing methods to craft customised mouldings and fabrications spanning various industries. Our primary offerings encompass rubber moulding, rubber sheeting, Petroseals, and cast polyurethane items. If you have inquiries about our products, procedures, or materials, feel free to reach out to us today!

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