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About us

Dudley Industries provides top-notch Contract Manufacturing services for sheet metal fabrication, catering to a wide range of products and projects.

With a focus on personalised metal solutions, we are dedicated to assisting companies in realising their projects from initial concept to extensive production. Throughout the years, we have successfully supported numerous businesses, earning a reputation as a global leader in designing and manufacturing exceptional, high-quality metal products known for their innovation.

Benefitting from our extensive 80-year tenure in the industry, we assure the delivery of superior contract manufacturing proficiency. Our in-house team of skilled designers and consultants further bolsters our commitment to providing top-notch service and expertise.
Types of Contract Manufacturing Services

We offer a variety of services tailored to meet your specific business needs, ranging from metal forming and welding to assembly, cleaning, and branding. Below, we have outlined our customised solutions for your reference.

Laser Cutting
By investing in state-of-the-art cutting technology, we have achieved exceptional precision cutting performance and superior quality edge finishes. Our extensive range of equipment grants us the flexibility to choose the most efficient and cost-effective method for delivering your customised project.

Metal Forming
Utilising our diverse range of forming capabilities, we have the expertise to determine the optimal bending process for your project. Our skilled and experienced team works diligently to produce custom parts that precisely match your specifications.

At Dudley Industries, we offer comprehensive welding services that leverage the expertise of our experienced team and our state-of-the-art welding facilities. Our capabilities cover a wide range of projects, accommodating materials as thin as 0.5mm up to 8mm. With a range of welding techniques including Mig, Tig, spot, and robotic welding, we ensure that we can provide you with the optimal solution for your project requirements.

Metal Finishing
To ensure exceptional quality finishes on even the most intricate designs, we provide a wide range of in-house facilities, including robotic finishing and powder and wet paint plants. This enables us to offer an end-to-end service efficiently and cost-effectively. Our capabilities allow us to apply standard colors, as well as architectural paints and lacquers, giving you the flexibility to achieve the desired aesthetic for your project.

Assembly & Cleaning
To guarantee a flawless final product, we provide top-notch project assembly and cleaning services of the highest quality. Our goal is to instil confidence in our customers, which is why our assembly process incorporates rigorous testing facilities operated by our experienced team. This ensures that your product complies with all necessary standards and requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Warehousing & Distribution
Our warehousing and distribution facilities allow us to store all items including projects made to your specification and requirements safely and securely ready for dispatch. All items are packed to your specification and requirement.

Sheet Metal Design
By harnessing the power of the cutting-edge Solid Edge design software, we have the ability to transform your concepts into tangible reality. Regardless of the stage your designs are in, we collaborate closely with our customers to enhance and optimise their designs, ensuring efficient production and delivering excellent value for your investment. Our commitment lies in utilising advanced design tools to bring your ideas to fruition while maximising cost-effectiveness.

Recognising the significance of establishing a strong brand presence to foster business success, we prioritise the effective communication of our clients' brand messages. Through various techniques such as labelling, screen printing, or laser etching, we work diligently to ensure that your company's brand identity is portrayed in the most compelling and impactful manner possible. Our aim is to help your brand stand out and resonate with your target audience, ultimately driving growth and achievement.

Metal Tooling
With our advanced digital and high-precision machinery, we have the capability to craft custom small press tools that precisely meet the requirements of your project. We maintain a commitment to continuous improvement by investing in the latest innovative equipment and tools. This ensures that we can expand our capabilities and deliver enhanced solutions to our valued clients.

Contract Manufacturing for Different Sectors

At Dudley Industries, we possess a strong passion for developing customised products and solutions that cater to a diverse array of applications. We firmly believe in close collaboration with our clients, working alongside them from the project's inception to its completion. Our contract manufacturing services extend across various sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Emissions Testing
  • Incineration Solutions
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Audio & Music Consoles
  • Control Equipment
  • Security Equipment
  • Scientific & Medical Equipment
A contract manufacturer assumes complete responsibility for the production process on behalf of a hiring firm. By efficiently managing manufacturing operations at a larger scale, they can deliver high-quality products while reducing costs. For businesses seeking to outsource manufacturing expertise, this arrangement can result in faster turnaround times and increased business opportunities, ultimately leading to greater success throughout the organisation.


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Dudley Industries (Contract Manufacturing)

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