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  • +443 (Display number) +443303800157
Holroyd Business Centre , Carrbottom Road, Bradford BD5 9BP
Carrbottom Road, Bradford
Bradford Bedfordshire BD5 9BP United Kingdom

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About us

EnrgTech’s stock encompasses active, passive and electro-mechanical components.

Active components

These are components that have the ability to electrically control the flow of electrons. They rely on an energy source, mostly DC, and can inject power into a circuit. These include amplifiers, tunnel diodes, transistors and logic gates. There are certainly many varieties of these individual components. For instance, amplifiers can be classified into voltage, current and power amplifier. Power amplifiers can further be classified into classes A, B, AB, and C. The same applies to all the other active components. In a bid to cater for all these subclasses of components, EnrgTech LTD has brought together the largest variety of these components.
  • Voltage amplifiers- 74000+
  • Current amplifiers- 94000+
  • Power amplifiers- 82000+ 
  • This applies to all the other passive components too. If you are not sure which one will suit your application best, you can download their data sheets 

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