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About us

ENVIROGRAF® is a leadng force in Passive Fire Products.

Since 1983, ENVIROGRAF® has become a leading brand in passive fire products. It has a well-deserved reputation as an innovator and developer of passive fire products, and its commitment to product development is unparalleled.
Our Products Include:

  • Fire Barriers
  • Electrical & Plumbing
  • Fireproof Coatings
  • Fire Doors
  • Ventilation
  • Glazing
  • Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants
  • Acoustic, Draught & Weather Seals
The Hallmark of Excellence

The ENVIROGRAF® passive fire products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing facility. Throughout the manufacturing process, ENVIROGRAF® passive fire products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure they remain at the forefront of fire containment technology. A high reputation has been earned by the company and its passive fire products, with its operating system accredited to ISO9001.
Considering Every Risk

To prevent loss of life and property from passive fire protection, every risk must be taken into account. Despite being aware of the importance of fire barriers in preventing or delaying the spread of fire, many people do not consider the effects of breaching the fire barrier, possibly to allow electrical wires or other services to pass through. In order to maintain the integrity of fire barriers, whether they are ceilings, floors, roofs, or walls, ENVIROGRAF® intumescent products have been developed.
Choosing Appropriate Passive Fire Products

IN addition to passive fire products, ENVIROGRAF® offers passive fire protection products, such as load-bearing steelwork and fire doors, that protect structures from fire damage and preserve structural integrity. It is crucial to choose the right passive fire products. A seal's fire protection must match that of the barrier it seals. A ceiling rated for 60 minutes of fire protection requires a passive seal rated for 60 minutes to maintain its integrity. Building structural items must be protected by knowing their protection ratings and ensuring they retain their load-bearing capacity in a fire.

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A fantastic British firm - innovative, run by a great inventor.



Everything you need to protect your business and operations and with the expertise to back it up.


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