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At Fire Immunity Ltd we offer a wide range of different passive fire protection services to meet any needs or requirements you might have for protecting your home or business. Our focus is on maintaining customer relations through a ‘right first time’ ethos, and quality driven approach.

With a dedicated and skilled team passionate about fire safety in buildings, you can expect top-quality service backed by extensive knowledge and expertise. Discuss your passive fire concerns with us, and we'll work together to enhance the safety of your buildings.

Passive fire protection methods operate without external energy or human intervention, hence the term 'passive'. These methods aim to compartmentalise fires within designated areas to allow for safe evacuation of people and intervention by emergency services. Various methods are used to target different aspects of building integrity.

Our Products & Services Include:

Fire Barriers

A frequent issue we encounter in buildings is unsealed spaces between internal and external walls. If these cavities remain unsealed, they can create a chimney effect that accelerates vertical fire spread rapidly. Installing a cavity barrier effectively prevents fire from spreading between compartments in large buildings.

Structural Steel Protection
Applying intumescent coatings provides insulation at elevated temperatures, enhancing the structural integrity of your steel-framed building. This passive fire protection service can be applied by our highly skilled team at any phase of a commercial building's construction. The intumescent coating reacts to fire by forming a charred layer over the steel, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200°C.

Air Sealing
Air sealing offers numerous benefits, including reduced heating and cooling costs, improved air quality, enhanced building durability, and minimised environmental impact. In the event of a fire, preventing air leakage not only inhibits flame spread but also promotes energy efficiency, which is cost-effective in the long run. Fire Immunity specialises in delivering effective and long-lasting air sealing solutions at competitive rates. We use premium materials to seal leaks and gaps in building structures, enhancing thermal efficiency and fire protection.

Compartmentation Surveys
These surveys involve accessing roof spaces, ceiling voids, floor voids, and other enclosed areas to assess fire compartments. The evaluation includes inspecting existing compartments, such as doors, floors, and ceilings, to determine their effectiveness in containing fire and smoke spread. The time needed for building occupants to escape is determined based on fire safety regulations, which consider the building's size and layout.

Ideal for sealing gaps around cables and pipes entering interior and exterior walls, a fire protection compound prevents air circulation. When exposed to heat, it forms a gas and smoke-tight seal, offering up to 4 hours of additional fire protection. At Fire Immunity, we offer this passive fire protection service, including replacing older compounds with newer, more effective materials.

… And more.

In the UK, there are over 20,000 commercial fires reported each year. A fire in a commercial building can have devastating financial and safety consequences, leading to property damage and potential loss of life. Failing to meet legal requirements can result in severe consequences. Therefore, engaging fire prevention experts to implement necessary fire protection measures is a crucial investment in safety and compliance for your business.

Passive fire protection is a specialised field that integrates fire stopping techniques with cutting-edge technology to safeguard buildings or premises in the event of a fire. Fire Immunity is a leading provider in Bristol, offering competitive fireproofing solutions. In recent years, we have implemented various systems in hospitals, schools, commercial offices, businesses, and social housing establishments.

Our commitment goes beyond installation—we also offer ongoing maintenance solutions and upgrades to keep pace with technological advancements. If you're considering a fireproofing solution for your business, contact our team to schedule a free consultation.

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Fire Immunity Ltd

Been nearly a year now with them. Never let me down, there is no such a job they can't do. Quality is above all others, taking pride in what they're doing. People who works there are accredited and trustworthy.


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