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With Forecast 5's robust budgeting tool, you gain foresight into your company's future growth trajectory.

Our platform, Forecast 5, is designed to be efficient and user-friendly, ensuring seamless integration into your financial planning processes. With variance analyses and rolling forecasts, you'll find yourself relying on it for budgeting and financial planning throughout the year. Plus, with the capability to extend forecasts up to 15 years, you'll never have to make blind decisions regarding your business's profitability.

Crafted by accountants for accountants, our software offers an array of features to customize your forecasts and their resulting reports. Our business planning software is not only detailed and comprehensive but also swift, allowing you to generate forecasts for profits and losses, funds flow, cash flow, and most importantly, your forecast balance sheet with remarkable speed — up to 10 times faster than with a traditional spreadsheets. After running your reports, you can effortlessly export them to Excel for further analysis and visualization.
With the expansion of Forecast 5 to three branches located in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, we now offer comprehensive coverage across key regions. This strategic expansion ensures that we can effectively serve our clients' needs in various geographical areas, providing localized support and expertise. Whether you're based in the Southern Hemisphere, Europe, or Africa, our presence in these regions ensures that all bases are covered, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions and support to businesses worldwide.

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Forecast 5

It’s an entrepreneur’s dream: a wonderful piece of software when you get to grips with it. You can look back, look forward and control the whole production process with it.


Forecast 5

Forecast 5 has helped us to deliver an integrated reporting and forecasting advisory service to our clients, regardless of business size or sector.


Forecast 5

In an ever-changing environment planning is critical. Forecast 5 allows the Centre to plan in a changing environment to ensure it has the resources available to meet the challenges encountered and move forward with relative confidence.


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