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Fountain Softeners

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Im very surprised about the review on here. I was very impressed with the price and service given by fountain softeners. My order was with me very quickly and when we had a problem with installation the technical department took time to talk us through the issues until the problem was solved. I have recommended fountain softeners to my neighbour as she is looking for a water softener.I also was very impressed with their sales staff very thorough and friendly.


WARNING.... WARNING. Stay away from Fountain softeners... There rubbish. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. Yes they may be cheaper that other suppliers, cheap is not always good. If you have any problems there un helpful,l slow to respond, slow to reply to any email,they will not return any phone call. Hell there so arrogant they even ignore solicitor letters and email. If you have to return any item regardless of you customer rights you will be quoted terms and conditions... BE WARNED.