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GEW (EC) Ltd creates and produces Arc and UV LED curing systems used in various applications such as printing, coating, and converting.

We are recognised as the primary manufacturer of UV systems specifically designed for label and narrow web printing. Moreover, GEW is rapidly expanding its presence on a global scale in the sheetfed and web offset sectors, catering to the needs of commercial printing and packaging industries. GEW's UV systems are not only available for new machinery but can also be retrofitted onto existing active presses, providing an opportunity for printers to rejuvenate their older printing equipment. The company operates a top-notch production facility at our headquarters in the UK and has subsidiaries located in the USA and Germany. Additionally, GEW has established an extensive network of distributors worldwide.

GEW is an expert in the field of UV LED systems, focusing on their design and installation. In early 2022, the company launched its latest UV LED product called AeroLED, which represents a significant advancement in UV LED curing technology. What sets AeroLED apart is its innovative air-cooling system, eliminating the need for a chiller. By utilising a single remote fan, AeroLED makes UV LED technology more affordable and accessible for a wider range of applications. GEW's water-cooled LED offering, LeoLED, was introduced in 2019 and is designed to deliver maximum power and UV dose, specifically for demanding applications. Both AeroLED and LeoLED are fully compatible with GEW's renowned ArcLED hybrid system, providing customers with flexibility and options for their specific curing requirements.

GEW UV Curing Systems & Products
GEW offers a diverse range of UV lamp and LED products that cater to nearly every printing or converting requirement. These products can be seamlessly integrated by GEW to perfectly suit your specific machine.

UV LED Systems

UV LED systems are widely recognised as the future of UV curing, and GEW's products stand out as unparalleled in terms of performance and value within the industry. The company's UV LED systems offer cutting-edge technology and exceptional capabilities that set them apart from competitors. GEW's commitment to delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions has positioned them as a leader in the field, earning them a reputation for excellence.

UV Lamp Systems

Mercury lamp systems have long been established as an efficient UV light source for various industrial processes, and their popularity continues to grow even today. These systems have proven their effectiveness and reliability over time, making them a trusted choice in the industry. Despite the advancements in UV LED technology, mercury lamp systems still hold a significant place and find increasing applications in various industrial sectors. Their continued use is a testament to their efficiency and continued relevance in UV curing processes.

Excimer Systems

Excimer lamps are capable of generating vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation, which finds applications in a wide range of industries. These lamps can be seamlessly integrated onto machinery with a maximum width of 2.55 meters, providing flexibility and adaptability to different setups. The ability to harness VUV radiation makes excimer lamps suitable for diverse processes that require this specific wavelength, such as surface treatment, photochemical reactions, and precision manufacturing. Their integration onto machinery allows for efficient utilisation of the VUV radiation in various industrial applications.

Laboratory Units

GEW specialises in the design and construction of stand-alone UV laboratory units, which are ideal for research and development facilities or press room ink proofing. These units are specifically tailored to meet the needs of such environments, providing a controlled and reliable UV curing solution. Whether it's conducting experiments, testing ink formulations, or proofing press room materials, GEW's UV laboratory units offer a dedicated and efficient platform for these activities. The company's expertise in UV technology ensures that these units are designed with precision and attention to detail, allowing for accurate and reproducible results in laboratory settings.

GEW places a strong emphasis on providing long-term support and excellent customer care, ensuring that their UV systems maintain optimal efficiency throughout the entire lifespan of the machines they are installed on. The company's commitment to ongoing assistance and maintenance services guarantees that the UV systems continue to operate smoothly and effectively. By prioritising customer satisfaction and offering comprehensive support, GEW ensures that our UV systems deliver consistent performance and reliability, providing customers with peace of mind.

Our commitment lies in providing effective UV curing solutions that enable our customers to achieve faster and continuous printing operations, minimising energy consumption and eliminating downtime.

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