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Unit 10, Woodfalls Business Centre, Gravelly Ways, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 6DA, United Kingdom

Gioconda Rail are a UK-based company specialising in signal sighting chair solutions, railway signal sighting, railway driver briefing, railway map books, video asset mapping, video asset management, BIM & 3D modelling and various other services. Catering to the UK rail market, our company designs and develops desktop signal sighting tools and equipment that is reliable, efficient and professional. We have enough experience in land and engineering surveying, virtual reality, railway filming, route learner and driver briefing material and software development to carry out exceptional service.

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The advantage for using the Gioconda signal sighting tool is that it gives a one stop shop which saves the signal sighting committee from having to go on track and conduct signal sighting traditionally. With traditional signal sighting we would probably achieve around 5 signals in a day, maximum, whereas, with the Gioconda tool we could probably achieve around 20 signals in a day.


At DEG we have worked with Gioconda on a number of projects and I have always found them to be flexible and collaborative in their approach. One of the biggest benefits is that rather than having to go trackside to collect asset information and signal sighting it can actually bring the railway into the design office, this has massive benefits in regards to safety.