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Last year (May) you helped us out with a programming lead for LX1NB and some technical assistance, which i would like to thank you for specially Helen Witter.


I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your great service. Sending an email on a Saturday morning and getting one back 2 hours later – is very good service. Unfortunately, the Board had gone and it has cost us £160 – but, a lot better than the £900+ quoted for a different system. I would like to thank you for your quick response.


Thank you for your prompt response to my enquiry. Download was successful and on a quick read of the instructions I think I will make some sense of it. However it is also reassuring to know that your tech support is also available to me. I can assure you I don’t feel so isolated now.


Could you pass on my thanks to the guy in technical for his suggestions on how to fix the communications problem. At the time I had to break off the call because I could not release the cover. However when I did I followed his suggestions and that resolved the problem.