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Guardian Staff Safety Systems

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We have recently had the pleasure to be involved in several projects using the Guardian range of equipment. The equipment is 100% reliable, the support provided in planning and product selection was once again 100%. This is a rare Company, they are not 'box shifters' from faceless wonders at the end of a phone or even worse an on line form! Whilst many companies we use promise the earth and do not deliver this company delivers in FULL in all aspects.


Having worked with Guardian Staff Safety since they began, we have found them a pleasure to work with. They have a great product that is head and shoulders above their competitors that works for year upon year ...Great technical support team when required and go out of their way to help you wherever they can.


We have been dealing with Guardian Staff Safety Systems for over 20 years now. They are a great team who will always pull out the stops to help.The products are ridiculously reliable to the extent where we found an Infrared Receiver on a site that was "giving trouble", only to find it was sitting submerged in water, yet still operating... poorly but still alive!Great products, great service!