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  • 020 (Display number) 020 3936 9171
Hawthorne Lodge
Sutton Lodge Farm
Frolesworth Road, Broughton Astley
Leicester Leicestershire LE9 6PG United Kingdom

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With over 20 years’ experience in helping clients grow their businesses in a productive and innovative way, Harwood HR Solutions are a bold, passionate and sincere company based in the UK. 

Over the years, we have inspired people to be their very best through the creation of robust and trustworthy partnerships with companies that value their staff and foster their talent.  We as a company offer a first class professional service as well as practical, no-nonsense HR advice that cannot be found anywhere else.

Here at Harwood, we have a bespoke HR strategy that is designed to overcome employee challenges, increase profitability, stay compliant with all aspects of employment law, prepare all necessary documentation, have a competitive advantage, reduce staff turnover, put in place all relevant policies and procedures, improve employee loyalty and more.  We as a company understand that each individual business is unique, which is why we strive to create a more personalised service that meets the exact specifications of our clients. 

Some of our leading business partners include HSSP Architects, EvenSix, Venture Harbour, Cipher, Artemis, Matthew Squire AFA & Co, Click Shark Media, Dental Scanning Services, Varndell Engineering Ltd, Info Shelter, Creative Protection Services, Defined Creative, World Products, Top Dogs, G Hawk Accounting, Accept Recruitment, Milturn and many more.  We offer a range of exceptional HR services that are available to view online such as retained HR, pay as you go, tailored HR project support, employment contracts, policies and staff handbooks.

When it comes to HR support, we at Harwood HR Solutions cover a variety of areas including absence management, employee wellbeing, investigations, recruitment, acquisition due diligence, disciplinary, HR systems, employee tribunal support, payroll, job evaluation and benchmarking, staff handbooks, employee documentation, change management, GDPR, HR policies and procedures, talent management, wealth management, health and safety, contracts of employment, employee rights, grievance, organisation design and restructure, performance management and retention.

Our company caters to four main areas throughout the UK; Leicester, Birmingham, Oxford and Warwick.  When working with small businesses employment contracts, we must consider the job title and description, the length of time required for the notice to terminate the contract, the number of hours the employee will work each week, the pay rate or salary, details of additional employment benefits, the end date of work if applicable, terms related to family leave, training details and provisions, terms of probation and much more.

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Latest Reviews

Harwood HR Solutions

Great personalised outsourced HR service, Duncan is very knowledgeable and always on hand.For well under £100pm you can pick up the phone and speak about your concern or outright HR issue. I’ve seen it before where it’s a more ‘ticket’ based system but this way is much better. Duncan and the team know their stuff, would recommend to anyone who presently doesn’t have their own in house HR.


Harwood HR Solutions

Working with Hardwood HR Solutions when I was about to employee my first team member, was one of the best and easiest decisions I made. As a small business owner you always have to count the pennies but quite simply, the value I've already got from working with Duncan and Zoe is priceless.Reactive support, always available with the right information and just a huge support to my role as an employer. An easy 5 stars.


Harwood HR Solutions

As a large global corporate group, but a local UK office we’ve got by with a central HR team, but as my headcount grew I knew we needed local support eventually, and at the start of 2020 Harwood HR Solutions were recommended, We signed up in the initial briefing not just from their credentials but we knew we could work together. Little did we know how 2020 would turn out and Zoe’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic has been outstanding and I’m sure I say for both my senior management team and our UK employees, their guidance through the minefield of unprecedented new legislation has been crucial, we certainly couldn’t have got by with the information supplied by government. We are now looking forward to building a positive modern workplace with Zoe’s support. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


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