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Briary Barn Moons Hill
Isle of Wight PO40 9RP United Kingdom

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Heat my Space are a UK-based company offering top quality infrared heaters for residential, commercial and industrial use.  Based primarily in the Isle of Wight, our E-Commerce website supplies and advises residential and commercial property professionals, facilities management departments and building and electrical contractors with high-end infrared heating solutions that have benefitted many customers for a number of years.  We supply infrared solutions for clients that are top-quality and second to none.  We can deliver throughout the UK, and will supply worldwide, please contact us for further shipping information.

Since establishment, we as a company have offered a broad range of infrared products, which include outdoor heaters, panel heaters, electric heaters for homes, commercial and industrial heating, heating controls and accessories, space heaters, animal heating, infrared school heating, heater accessories and more.  Our range of seamless Herschel panel heaters are designed to fit into any indoor spaces, such as; suspended ceilings, under desks and dwarf walls. They are supplied in white, glass, mirror and picture, which can be customized to our customers specifications with their company name or logo. Or a family portrait or favourite holiday destination!

We work hand in hand with manufacturers of high quality infrared heaters to provide the most advanced infrared heating equipment to our loyal customer base.  We are proud to work closely with Herschel Infrared, who are a leading global manufacturer, and Tansun, who are a British manufacturing brand.

Here at Heat My Space, we provide high quality infrared heaters to a variety of industries and sectors such as offices, warehouses and factories, garage workshops, construction sites and hospitality establishments.  We firmly believe that the future is electric, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to source the best infrared heating solutions for our customers. We understand that sustainable electricity generation is a worldwide project, so we use infrared heating as its efficient, environmentally-friendly and beneficial to a wide range of clients.  We have a wide range of Herschel infrared panels including white, glass, mirror, picture and more.

We at Heat My Space can promise numerous benefits if you choose infrared heating.  It is stylish and elegant, highly efficient, offers minimal energy wastage, saves up to 60% of electricity costs, saves space, simple installation, no maintenance or servicing required, health and infrastructure benefits, 100% natural, improving human wellbeing, reduces mould, damp condensation and countless others.  We strive to make properties as smart, warm and energy efficient as possible.  Buy Now and Join the Infrared Revolution!

Articles/Press Releases

  • 14/12/2021 - A little bit of Heat My Space history
    Our company has been trading for 14 years specialising in awnings, canopies, parasols, outdoor infrared heating and the increasingly important indoor electric infrared space and panel heating product range.
  • 18/10/2021 - Why Infrared Heating?
    The Benefits
  • 15/09/2021 - How Does Infrared Heat Work ?
    Feeling the sun on your face, the heat from a log fire, the warmth from a hug. These are simple examples of infrared heat. Infrared heat is radiant heat. Infrared has been used by man since time began as a heat source as it’s a very simple and efficient form of heating.
  • 16/08/2021 - The Future of Heating
    A revolution is taking place in heating: low energy, high efficiency and attractive designs. Electric infrared technology will be the future of heating.

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