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Long Road West, Dedham, Colchester, Essex, CO7 6ER, United Kingdom

Hedging Plants Direct specialises in offering a comprehensive selection of hedging plants online to cater to retail, commercial, and trade customers all across the UK. Our range includes various options like bare root hedges, tall pot-grown plants, root ball plants, and instant hedges. You can purchase hedges at different stages of growth, from small plants to fully established hedges, featuring a variety of options such as Laurel Hedge Plants, Privet Hedging, Hawthorn Hedges, Hornbeam Hedging, and more. We also have an extensive assortment of UK native hedge plants available, including our popular native hedge blends. Our commitment extends to providing valuable advice to help you make informed purchases and select the perfect hedge plants for your specific needs.

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I’m beyond delighted with my pyracanthas. I wasn’t too sure what I’d be getting as there wasn’t a photo or that much detail, but it looked like a reputable family company. The plants arrived incredibly quickly, so I was able to get them all planted the following weekend. They were really well packaged, and are glossy and very healthy. They are all at the upper end of the size quoted, many taller - very good value for their size, The neighbours have all commented about how nice the flowers are. Looking forward to the berries this autumn. Would definitely recommend this site!