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Hillarys have given me the worst and most upsetting customer experience in my life. I still tremble thinking about it, and to top it off, they don't even care. To put it simply, I had booked and paid for a blind. But I called one day with a concern. After the first adviser said he would help, he was lovely (and a Welsh lady called Jenny was lovely aswell and really understanding) they were looking into a resolution for me, I was happy, and then I got disconnected (probably completely accidentally) so I called back, the next guy that answered was just horrible!! I felt really belittled and bullied all of a sudden! He wouldn't even listen to what I had to say! It all came out of nowhere. He didn't care, even when I explained the other guy was trying to help me so I just wanted to know where that was going as I had been disconnected, that's all, but he just wanted me gone. He was really domineering, I was shaking. So, I felt that I then had to complain about him, by email I think it was, someone (a manager I think) called me regarding the complaint, said she disagreed entirely that he was rude (she was just as domineering, speaking down to me, uninterested in what I had to say) and said they would be 'refunding me and closing my account'. I said so basically you don't want me as a customer anymore because I complained? She wouldn't say those words, like a politician, she would only say we are refunding you and closing your account, changing the words around....but the meaning was the same, basically to any simple minded person it means that I was dropped as a customer because I complained about an adviser that was rude to me. But of course she refused to say those words. Ridiculous. Sneaky. Domineering. I just didn't matter.All they had to do was apologise and try to move forward but they were incapable of any actual 'customer service'. There was no procedure. I was honestly shocked, shaking and really upset by the way I was spoken to. At the end I admit I lost it a bit and I swore at her, which in hindsight was wrong, I apologise. Because I am able to admit my wrongs, unlike Hillarys. I also wrote an email explaining my experience to the managing executive, or whomever he was, the man at the top, with no reply of course, also on Facebook they blocked me from commenting and deleted my post where I explained my experience. I have no idea how it even came to this! I was being understood and helped one minute and then the next minute this other guy came along! I was happy, I'm not one to complain and cause problems, I'm very understanding and reasonable, so I don't know why this guy suddenly started on me! Quite frankly I have never in my life come across such an awful service, I had been warned Hillarys weren't so good but I thought I'd try for myself, I'm sorry that I did! I used to be a manager for a telephone customer services dept, for 12 years, and I am fully aware of what it's like at the other end of the phone. As a result, as a customer I have never complained or lost my cool ever to anyone until that experience. Because that was completely out of order. With decent customer service that issue could have been resolved easily, just an apology, instead they tell you off, say you are wrong (even if she did disagree with me, we still could have moved forward, I said I was happy to) with a stern and dominating voice verging on bullying they then 'resolve' the issue by telling you you aren't welcome as a customer anymore. Just because you complained about the way you had been spoken to for no reason. Nice! Do you think that's right?I'll make sure that nobody I know ever goes to Hillarys for anything, it's just not worth being talked down to and upset over a pair of blinds!Sort out the customer services. There are some bully's and really overly dominating characters there that don't know how to give any kind of service. It's a blind shop not a team of bully bailiffs! They have never heard of being kind and amicable, understanding, listening, talking over problems and resolving issues calmly. Being stern is of course required in certain situations but being dictators, bully's, talking down to people is not on. Sometimes the customer is wrong as well, but that doesn't mean you speak to them in that way!! Worst company there is. I am signing up to and posting on all review sites so that nobody else has the same horrible experience. Not that they will listen.Jenny O'Hara