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Unit 808
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Clacton-on-Sea Essex CO15 4AA United Kingdom

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HW Andersen Products Ltd is UK based, respectable company with 60 years experience in specialising in medical, laboratory and veterinary equipment, primarily EtO gas sterilisation for vets.

We have a fantastic range of Ethylene Oxide sterilisers that we like to think are a great alternative to the limitations of autoclaves. They provide gas sterilisation to items that cannot withstand steam sterilisation of higher temperatures. We recognise that some vets deal with different size animals and instruments, so you’ll be glad to know our sterilisers come in various ranges, various sizes for various environments – entry-level gas sterilisers, jumbo gas sterilisers, front office sterilisers, EOGas Series 4 steriliser cabinets, EOGas Series 3 steriliser cabinets and so on.

Many vets ask us what makes EtO gas sterilisation the most effective process. We guarantee items used in our sterilisation products do not suffer any damage and can be re-used, as opposed to the effects of autoclaves. Our EtO products also offer peace of mind to veterinary staff when it comes to complete hygiene, ensuring total decontamination of instruments where cleanliness is essential. Clients have also found out how cost effective EtO is in an market where veterinary expenditure can become expensive.

Other sterilisation products and accessories available include seal packaging, heat sealers, humidity stabilisers, indicator strips, various tubing, monitoring badges and many more.

Each individual veterinary practice has their own requirements, and this is not a problem for Andersen. We are dedicated to product research and development, which means we can provide sterilisation solutions that cater for individual needs - Our Complete Sterilisation Solution Package is made to do exactly that. This step by step guide advises on the sterilisation cycle that contaminated items must be soaked, cleaned, packed, sterilised and then adhere to quality assurance.

Our team here at Andersen comprise of well trained engineers, top veterinary experts, as well as sterilisation authorities, all of which write professional publications and know their stuff. We also have a scientific advisory board of experts in sterilisation, veterinary medicine, health and safety and other related areas.

Our clients can also be enriched with unbeatable customer services here at HW Andersen Products Ltd with consistent support and sterilisation training for as long as they have one or more of our sterilisers.


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HW Andersen Products Ltd

The machine is great, maintenance free, easy to use.


HW Andersen Products Ltd

Andersen products are always exceptionally helpful when dealing with all enquires, from ordering to servicing and repairs. Things are dealt with efficiently and correspondence is impeccable. I would particularly like to pay a special thank you to Jo Bellsham who is always incredibly helpful and never fails to get things sorted for me.


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