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I.S.T. Pigging Systems

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UK Sales Office, Po Box 172, Deeside, CH5 9AN, United Kingdom

Sustainable pigging systems are provided by I.S.T. Pigging Systems. The optimal combination of our system components reduces costs, improves performance, and reduces environmental risks in production plants. Our products include Piggable Fittings, Piggable Pipework Components, Filling & Decanting Systems, Stations, Valves, Pipeline Manifolds, Blending Equipment, Pigs, Special Designs and Accessories.

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I've worked at I.S.T. Molchtechnik GmbH since 2008. The working atmosphere is good. Much better than the other companies I used to work for. I also think the management is reasonable. The colleagues are very responsible and reliable. What is agreed is also done. I'm also happy with my salary and bonuses, otherwise I would have left long ago. Not true? But, you're always welcome to go upstairs. :) In the beginning I couldn't speak German very well. There was a lot of support from management and colleagues.