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Proud manufacturers  of the Slim Glaze heritage glazing  range, IMC Glass have worked alongside thousands of domestic and commercial establishments over the years to provide excellent quality double glazing solutions that are built to last.  Based in Northern Ireland and serving the whole of the U.K and Ireland. If you live in a conservation area or listed building, or if you are thinking of restoring or upgrading your timber windows but you are restricted to using single glazing that the frames were originally designed for.  With our Slim-glaze product you can enjoy all the thermal benefits from an double glazed unit which will fit into those traditional glazing rebates, it is no longer necessary to expect people that live in older buildings or who want to keep that heritage style design to miss out on optimizing their insulation
we have invested in the design and manufacture of an ultra-slim , low-sight line double glazed unit which using the latest technology can offer high heat retaining benefits for your home when you have to balance historic preservation with comfort and environment requirements, also it works beautifully in newly constructed homes wanting to achieve that historic look

Slim Glaze is our featured product here at IMC Glass, the product name  is also known among other names as slim-lite, slenderpane, thin-seal   and has a wide range of benefits.  So how does it work ?
Standard double glazing consists of two glass panes usually 16-20mm apart, and would have a sight-line of 12mm these are usually filled with dry air or a standard window grade gas such as argon, while thermally efficient this results in the unit sometimes being nearly 30mm thick
With IMC Slim-Glaze we use the latest in thermal glass and the very latest in warm edge technology to ensure the two panes are only 4mm apart, which is then filled with a heavy inert gas either Krypton or Xenon which gives you the best maximum insulation properties far superior to argon gas which achieves a low U-value.  The reduction of heat lost through the glass is up to 77% as when compared to single glazing. and using our low-sight line perimeter bar we can ensure that the total sight-line is 7mm to 8mm

We at IMC Glass have been in business from 1990 , and have extended our services across Britain.  We also offer numerous services such as glazing recommendations , glazing maintenance, u-value specifications, certifications and standards.  Our customers have been more than satisfied with our work over the last two decades and have recommended us to other individuals across the nation.  Our Slim Glaze product range offers excellent features including sound reduction, greater transparency, higher security

Over the years, we at IMC Glass have extended our services to a wide range of clients, including various well-known establishments such as Dromoland Castle, Ashford Castle, Slane Castle, Adare Manor, Coolmore Stud Farm, Lotus Village, Hillsborough Castle, Clancy Quay Apartments, Malone Exchange Belfast, Tulira Castle, Garville Road Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland, Norton House, Shrewsbury Road Dublin, Perrers Road London, Queen’s University, Armstrong Primary, Rathgar Road Dublin, Rockhill House, De Vedi Terrace Dublin, Silver Acre House and many more.

Our collection of bespoke double glazed glass has been utilised for a variety of purposes since establishment over 25 years ago.  We offer a full range of fire safety glass which is professionally designed to withstand smoke and flames, made using laminated fire glass that is fully insulated and guaranteed to achieve its purpose.  All products are tested and certified to meet the high standards set out by the fire safety industry.  As well as double glazing options, we also offer a vast array of single glazing methods that are available for customers to view online.

Slim Glaze is designed using strong glass materials that are suitable for any window type, providing traditional, modern and contemporary buildings with state-of-the-art, eye-catching windows that will look great for years to come.  We offer an innovative range of textured glass designs such as Autumn Leaf, Chantily, Contora, Cotswold, Digital, Everglade, Mayflower, Minster, Oak, Pelerine, Stippolyte and Taffeta.  We also provide a range of decorative bevels that are the perfect addition to any bespoke double glazed solution. 

Articles/Press Releases

  • 10/03/2020 - No 1 Pery Square Hotel. Limerick.
    Work is about to start on the refurbishment of sash windows on this listed property located in Newtown Pery, an area of central Limerick, Ireland, and forms the main city centre (or CBD) of the city.
  • 19/02/2020 - Badgers Bar
  • 10/12/2019 - Cashel Palace
    Units in pre-production stage for the refurbishment of the historic Cashel Palace Hotel in Tipperary, which will re-open in 2020.
  • 10/10/2019 - Tulira Castle, Co Galway
  • 26/07/2019 - Iveagh House.
    The Department of Foreign Affairs Dublin .. window restoration work commencing, build in 1736 The building has nine bays, with the central three broken forward and pedimented.
  • 06/06/2019 - Do you live in a conservation area or listed building?
    Are you thinking of restoring or upgrading your timber windows but you are restricted to using single glazing that the frames were originally designed for?

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