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PV-15B Brake Pressure Sensor


DDMS' PV-15B brake pressure sensor is designed for automotive R&D engineers working with the hydraulic braking system of ICE, Hybrid or Electric Vehicles. The PV-15B is a small, light, weight pressure sensor designed to be mounted in the hydraulic system of vehicles whether they use disc or drum braking systems. The small form factor of the PV-15B enables it to be mounted in the smallest, most confined spaces. It’s also temperature and vibration resistant with a high burst pressure of 400 bar ensuring accurate and reliable pressure measurement.

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About us

Interface Force Measurements Ltd serves as the primary distributor for Interface load cells in the UK, Ireland, Middle East, and North Africa. Although we are distinct entities, our shared interests and values have forged a robust and enduring commercial relationship that has spanned over three decades.

In addition to serving as the sole representative for Interface products, we have carefully chosen other brands within the sensor industry that align with comparable values, emphasising quality, reliability, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Products Include:

Load Cells
Interface produces and provides over 60 various types of load cells and mini load cells designed for force measurement. Our product line encompasses a broad spectrum of capacities, ranging from 1 lbf / 500 gf to 2 million lbf / 9,000 kN, with diverse configurations including mini-beam, S-Beam, column, and low profile options.

Torque Sensors & Torque Transducers
Interface provides a variety of torque sensors and transducers designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications. Our torque sensors come with capacities spanning from 0.005Nm to 340kNm. Each unit is crafted to the highest precision standards, ensuring precise and top-quality data collection.

Pressure Mapping Systems
Interface provides a selection of pressure mapping systems suitable for a range of applications, including but not limited to impact testing, pressure testing tires, runways, beds, seats, and various other uses.

In Vehicle Mini Pressure Sensors
Interface is pleased to introduce the innovative line of sub-miniature pressure/flow sensors from DDM to the automotive industry in the UK. DDM's sensors are primarily crafted for on-vehicle testing in challenging climatic conditions, spanning from -40⁰C to +125/150⁰C, and can also be utilised for bench use. All sensors boast a fully welded stainless steel construction, and users can customise pressure ports and electrical connectors to suit their specific application requirements.

Load Pins, Load Shackles & Tension Links
Load pins, load shackles, and tension links are available from Interface Force Measurements. Interface Force Measurements can now provide a variety of load pins, load shackles, and tension links suitable for a diverse range of industrial weighing applications, such as marine, offshore, industrial, civil engineering, crane, and overhead weighing and lifting applications. Our sensors are available in tension/compression and compression-only versions, with the choice of wired or wireless data transmission.

Hydrogen & Hybrid Vehicles
Our latest selection of flow sensors is suitable for gauging the flow and temperature of nearly any liquid, ranging from fruit juice and diesel fuel to coolants such as ethylene-glycol. Common applications include:

  • Assessing the flow around batteries and motors in electric vehicles (EVs) is essential to guarantee they maintain the ideal temperature for optimising charging efficiency and overall range.
  • Assessing the flow of coolant around Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, which involve an electrolytic process for hydrogen generation within a fuel cell.
And much, much more.

Interface is a globally acknowledged brand, and our load cells, crafted with decades of expertise, have become the standard for thousands of users worldwide. Our products are unmatched in reliability, and every product line must meet this high standard before we recommend them to our customers. From aerospace giants to the most esteemed universities, our products are utilised, underscoring our reputation for providing quality solutions on projects of all scales across the globe.

Our website showcases our range of products, including Load Cells (for single and multi-axis force), Torque Sensors (both rotary and reaction), Pressure Sensors, and our Dynamic Pressure Mapping products.

We welcome any feedback or comments, whether positive or negative. Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email if you have any inquiries about our products or company.

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