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Unit 6, Haydock Lane, Haydock Industrial Estate, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA11 9XE, United Kingdom

For over three decades, JML Hardware Ltd has been providing top-notch maintenance hardware, particularly meter boxes, to local authorities and housing associations. Located in St Helens, JML Hardware leverages its expertise and extensive experience to ensure that each product meets the highest standards, offering effective solutions for various maintenance needs. Presently, JML stocks a comprehensive selection of Gas & Electric Meter Repair Boxes and lids, all crafted from aluminium and equipped with two quarter turn budget locks and a full-length 316 rust-proof stainless steel piano hinge.

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I have bought a nice modern house, built in 2014, which - unfortunately - had Mitras recessed meter boxes installed. These Mitras boxes (gas: G01134, electricity: M01126) are made of plastic, have flimsy hinges and one (plastic) lock whilst costing not a little. Over the few years this house has been standing, the meter readers would seldom bother to shut the meter doors properly after taking the reading which could perhaps be partly justified by the poor quality of the Mitras plastic locks. The unlocked doors would flap in the wind and the hinges would deteriorate both in the recessed-cavity part and on the outside doors.In 2021, the hinges of both meter boxes finally expired and the doors were blown off for good so it would seem that both recessed boxes would have to be replaced. This would require qualified electrical / gas installers removing the meters, pulling out the recessed meters and putting in new recessed meter boxes. This would be a very expensive exercise and, if the plastic Mitras boxes were to be used again, the story would repeat itself in a few years time. Since such meter box repairs are the responsibility of the house owner, the only sensible option is to put overboxes on the existing recessed-cavity parts.My Internet-based hunt for suitable overboxes yielded JML Hardware as a market leader for four reasons. Firstly, JML Hardware offer a wide range of good-quality, powdered-coated aluminium overboxes with each overbox having two solid metal locks, each lock having a long metal lip. Secondly, these overboxes are reasonably priced, especially if bought directly from JML Hardware. Thirdly, JML Hardware offer free advice about the best choice of the overboxes both through their Web pages and also by phone / email. Since there are quite a few meter box shapes / sizes around and the overboxes should fit snugly, this free advice is really valuable. Finally, the JML Hardware overboxes are delivered overnight at a reasonable shipping price which is really useful if rain pours down into a recessed electricity meter.Overall, both the goods and the service from JML Hardware can only be described as excellent and long may it continue.


We as a company really appreciate your service that you provide . It is so refreshing to find some one who will go that little bit further to get the right product for the job.


Just a short note to say I’ve received and have today installed the Meter Box OB6 and am so very pleased with the end result.The old overbox I had was rusted through and I had almost given up on getting the correct size replacement box until I came across your website. Thanks again for all your help. Kind regards…..Ian