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Absolutely appalling so our lawn was treated we paid the worker in cash no receipt......we get a note through postbox some time later with a "we could not gain access" for follow up treatment ( was not made aware they were coming...hence not being there".plus a bill for last treatment..... We called office explained there must be mistake we had in fact paid in cash... They were most unprofessional and did not take a customers promise that we did.,obviously they have untrustworthy employees....they also billed for no access visit... We disputed this on many occasions....they appear not to have any complaints procedure ( did not know this at the time...if I had known I certainly would have avoided them).For a period it went back and forwards with them accepting absolutely no fault...shocked by there approach is an understatement.I was going round in circles with these people,the owners Bob and Rachel do not even get involved by way of customer care!!!!! What age do they live in?We moved home,and now 4 years later have been made aware that in fact lawnmower ( Kelly) self taught lawyer by all accounts via Internet she says, has placed a ccj against us.......we called and their sarcastic response was " so you found out because you tried to get credit" omg how bloody rude, whilst I am trying to reason with Kelly ( office something or other is her grand title) she talks repeatedly over me telling me "just pay your bills" disgusting, she tells me they have alot of people who for one reason or other are deemed by LAWNMASTER to not be paying their bills RIGHT SO WE KNOW this is something quite common for their company..BE VERY AWARE PEOPLE,THEY WILL DO THIS TO YOU IF YOY DARE DISPUTE THEIR ACTIVITY.THE CCJ WAS FOR £59.. No joke I would never use or recommend this outfit, I would say they Are UNPROFESSIONAL, SLANDEROUS, UNTRUSTWORTHY Think twice before giving them access ask for police checks on staff who enter your land.... This could be You!!!!!Won,t even allow a minus rating on site 😁