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LD Leigh & Co Ltd

  • 0560 (Display number) 0560 113 9922
PO Box 670
Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 9HD United Kingdom

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About us

Established in 1969, L.D. Leigh & Co Ltd has over 45 years’ experience in implementing both Staple and Nailing equipment across the entirety of the UK, Europe and a quickly expanding worldwide export market.  Located in Chesterfield, our company is family run and provides over 3000 different types of collated fasteners, which come in a large range of materials such as bright basic steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and plastic polymer. 

Here at L D Leigh & Co, we provide high quality Pneumatic, Kinetic and Gas Technology Tools, which are manufactured by major companies such as Senco, Max, BeA, Tacwise, Montana, Josef Kihlberg, Omer, Maestri, Bostitch, Fasco and many more.  Our business offers companies the opportunity to interact with our highly professional sales team, including an excellent technical advisor whose main duties are to ensure that clients are given the best possible service our company can offer.

LD Leigh & Co manufactures a wide range of tools and equipment such as;

> Heavy Duty Staples.
> Angled Brads.
> Gauge Brads.
> Stainless Gas & Nails.
> Gauge Pins & Vineer Pins.
> Brad Nail Tools.
> Coil Nails
> Compressors.
> Battery Tools with Senco Technology.
> BeA Fasteners.
> Cable Tackers.
> And much more.

We at L.D. Leigh & Co provide our clients with excellent transport links to ensure quick and efficient deliveries.  We provide an extensive range of products including 14 Series Heavy Duty Staples, 15g Angled Brads, 16 Gauge Brads, 16 Gauge Stainless Brads, 16g Angled Brad Nails, 16g Stainless Gas & Nails, 18 Gauge Brads, 18 Gauge Headless Brads, 18g Brad Nail Tools, 23 Gauge Pins / Vineer pins
23g Pinners, 71 Series Stainless Steel, 71 Series Upholstery Staples, 71 Series Upholstery Tackers, 80 Series Staple Tools, 80 Series staples, 90 Series Staple Tools, 90 Series Staples, 91 Series staples, 94 Series Staple Tools, 97 Series Staples, ABAC Quality Compressors, Accessories, Airlines & Accessories, Angled Brads, Angled Finish Nail Tools, Angled Finish Nails, Battery Tools with Senco Technology, BeA Fasteners, BeA Stapling & Nailing Tools, Bedding & Packing Pliers, Bostitch, Brads, Cable Tackers, Car Trimming Staples & Tools, Cardboard Box Closing Tools, Carpet Fitters Staples & Tools, Carton Sealing Staples, Cleat Nail Tool For Hardwood Flooring, Cleat Nails For Flooring, Clinical Quality ABAC Compressors for Medical and Dental use, Clipped Head Nails, Coil Nail Tools, Coil Nails, Coil Nails - Stainless Steel, Compressors, Concrete Nailers, Corrugated Fasteners, Corrugated Fastening Tools, Decking Screws
Duo-Fast Product Range, Duraspin Screws including Drywall Screws, Duraspin Tools, Fine Wire Staplers, Framing Staples, Funeral Directors supplies, Gabion Basket Construction With HIGH TENSILE Clips, Gas & Nail Packs, Gas Nail Tools, Hammer Tacker Staples, Heavy Wire Staple Tools, Heavy Wire Staples, Hog Ring Tools, Hog Rings, Josef Kihlberg Staple Series, Josef Kihlberg Staples, Josef Kihlberg Tools, MAX Tools, Mezzanine Flooring Screws, Montana Tools, Muro ViSlider Collated Screwdrivers, Muro ViSlider Screws, Nailers, Omer Products, Pins, Raptor Plastic Polymer Staples & Brads, Rebar Tools, Rebar Tying Wire From MAX, Senco B Series Staples, Senco Duraspin Tools, Senco Fusion Tools, Senco L Series Staples, Senco N Series Staples, Senco N Series, or 14 Series Framing Staples, Senco Products, Senco Staple Series, Senco Staples, Senco Tools, Senco, Kihlberg, Omer, BeA, Bostitch, Max Tools, Specialised Automation Systems, Spenax Fasteners, Stainless Steel Staples, Pins, Brads and Nails, Staplers, Staplers & Tacker Tools Medium Wire, Staples Brads Pins Nails & Fasteners, Strip Nail Tools - First Fix, Strip Nails, Tacwise 14 Series Heavy Wire Staples, Tacwise Products, Timber Frame Fasteners, Timber Frame Fixings, Tool Servicing & Spares, Upholstery staples, X Reference Chart

Latest Reviews

LD Leigh & Co Ltd

We asked them to service our nail guns after sending them to a company in blackpool for years and every time we got them back they failed within weeks. The first time LD Leigh serviced them 2 years ago and they're still going strong he now has two of our other guns a nice reliable honest gentleman who offers good advice as to the maintenence of these coil nail guns .


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