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About us

Main Event Products Ltd was founded over 30 years ago, initially catering to the Retail, Education, Health, Leisure, and Hospitality sectors. Over time, we've expanded our services, building a substantial customer base encompassing both the Public and Private sectors. Our commitment to adapting to evolving trends while upholding core values such as quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service has been unwavering. Throughout our journey, we have consistently aimed to bring products to the market that instil confidence in our clients, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods.

Our committed Rental Team has effectively supplied equipment for numerous events annually, often aiding the retail sector during peak sales periods. Our array of Retractable Barriers, A4 Sign tops, Chrome posts, Ropes, and Sign posts present a diverse range of solutions. You can reach out to us for assistance with your needs via email or telephone. The prices provided cover both delivery and collection for added convenience.

Main Event takes pride in its collaboration with Tensator®, providing access to the renowned Tensabarrier® product line. As pioneers of the first Retractable Safety Barriers introduced to the market, Tensator® continues to stand as the industry leader, offering unparalleled reliability in their domain.

Our Barrier Solutions Include:

Tensabarrier Posts
Tensabarriers® stand as the perfect solution for safety, access control, queue management, and queue merchandising needs. Main Event Products Ltd proudly serves as the official UK distributors of Tensator crowd control barrier products, ensuring prompt delivery from the comprehensive Tensabarriers range. These stylish metal posts come with retractable webbing of either 2.3m or 3.65m, making them an ideal choice for implementing social distancing queue systems.

Tensabarrier Wall Mounted
Explore the versatility of Tensabarrier Wall Mounted solutions, available in Mini, Midi, Maxi, and Concealed units to cater to various spatial requirements. Choose from an extensive range of lengths, including 2.3m, 4.6m, 7.7m, 9m, and 23m, providing flexible options for your specific needs. Customise your setup further with a diverse selection of colors for the unit and webbing, along with text options to enhance communication. The Tensabarrier® range includes options for rack, post, and glass mountings, ensuring adaptability to different environments.

Tensabarrier Accessories
Enhance the functionality of your Tensabarrier system with our extensive range of Tensabarrier Accessories. Choose from A4 and A3 Tensa Sign Tops to convey important messages effectively. Ensure the longevity of your crowd control barriers with Replacement Cassettes and Tape webbing ends. For added versatility, explore Wall Clips designed to seamlessly integrate your Tensabarrier® into various environments.

Retractable Barriers
With a commitment to quality and efficiency, Main Event Products Ltd ensures that their Retractable Barriers meet the highest standards in safety and functionality. The company takes pride in being the official UK distributor of Tensator crowd control barrier products, providing quick delivery from the comprehensive Tensabarriers range. Whether it's stylish metal posts with retractable webbing or wall-mounted units in various sizes and configurations, Main Event Products Ltd delivers reliable and versatile solutions tailored to diverse spatial requirements.

Stanchions, Posts & Ropes
Offering a variety of finishes and weights, our Stanchions are perfect for delineating spaces, managing queues, or achieving an exclusive VIP appearance.

Museum Barriers
These barriers serve a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of exhibits, ensuring visitor safety, and creating a seamless flow within museum spaces. With a commitment to quality, Main Event Products Ltd provides a diverse selection of museum barriers, including retractable options and specialised designs, allowing museums to customise their exhibit layouts while prioritising security and accessibility.

Steel Crowd Barriers
From controlling large crowds at outdoor events to enhancing safety measures at public gatherings, Main Event Products Ltd delivers steel crowd barriers that prioritise both security and efficiency. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by their prompt delivery services, making them a trusted choice for those seeking robust solutions in crowd control.

… And More.

We also provide a comprehensive selection of Rope Stanchions available in Black, Brass, or Chrome finishes, catering to different price ranges. Our Barrier Ropes are offered at standard lengths with various colour and hook finish choices, or you can opt for our Tailored Rope Measuring service. Additionally, we accommodate special colour requests and encourage inquiries for more unique requirements.

Our Museum Barriers represent one of our recent additions – knee-high posts using elasticated cord as the barrier mechanism. These barriers are well-suited for exhibits, enabling close-quarter viewing of artworks, sculptures, and installations without obstructing the viewing experience. They offer the necessary distancing while maintaining an unobtrusive presence.

For any requirements you have, our technical team is available to offer guidance in case you need additional information or if you're unsure about the most suitable product for your specific application.
We're available to assist you; feel free to reach out to us. We're friendly and ready to help!

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Main Event Products Ltd

I work for them at times. Very good company, Good service, Nice people.


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