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About us

Since 1984, Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap has been a prominent supplier of shrink wrapping machinery and shrink wrap film supplies in the UK. With a reputation as a leader in the industry, we offer extensive expertise in providing wrapping solutions.

Having accumulated more than 35 years of experience in our industry, our team possesses comprehensive expertise and proficiency in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and supporting our range of shrink wrap systems. These systems encompass a wide variety of options, including cost-effective yet resilient manual shrink chamber machines, L-sealers, side sealers, sleeve wrappers, semi-automatic machines, and fully automated, high-speed turnkey machine solutions.

Shrink Wrapping Machines & Systems

ME Shrinkwrap produces a complete lineup of shrink wrapping machines that cater to various packaging needs. This range encompasses shrink chamber and L-sealer machines, which are designed to achieve presentation-quality packing results. Additionally, we offer sleeve wrappers and sleeve sealer machines specifically designed for packaging during transit and distribution.

Renowned as a highly esteemed manufacturer of shrink wrap machines in the UK, we offer our customers top-notch machinery designed to wrap a diverse array of commercial and retail products. Our focus is on delivering high-quality solutions to meet their specific packaging requirements.

Our Shrink Wrapping Machines Include:

  • Shrink Chambers
  • Semi-Auto L-Sealers
  • Automatic L-Sealers
  • Side Sealers
  • Semi-Auto Combination Sleeve Wrappers
  • Automatic Sleeve Sealers
Suppliers of Shrink Wrap Films

Apart from offering tailor-made shrink wrapping systems, we also specialize in the supply of CRYOVAC® brand films. Furthermore, we have a wide selection of Polyolefin, PVC, Polyethylene, and recyclable shrink films available in our inventory, catering to both presentation and transportation needs.

Cost Saving Shrink Wrap Systems

Being among the select few companies that manufacture our machinery within the UK, we have the capability to provide a shrink wrapping system and accompanying product handling system that is customised to meet your specific requirements. This includes the ability to specify, design, build, and offer ongoing support for the system. By choosing our services, you can benefit from cost savings while ensuring that the solution perfectly aligns with your needs.

Our Wrapping Solutions Include:
  • Packaging solutions for transit
  • Shrink wrap for presentation
  • Tamper-proof resistant shrink packaging
  • Product protection
  • Increased productivity, reduced running costs
In addition to our own machinery range, ME Shrinkwrap serves as a distributor for global manufacturers in the UK. This allows us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, including chamber L-sealers and advanced, fully automated integrated systems. Combined with our custom design and manufacturing capabilities, we provide a complete solution for our customers' packaging needs.

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Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap

We have been a customer of Marden Edwards and their shrink wrapping company ME Shrinkwrap. We have used their packaging machines for overwrapping food products and were particularly pleased with the quality of the machinery, speed, and aftercare support.


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