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With honesty and impartiality in mind, I have to say that Marshall Brass is the worst company I have ever dealt with. There appears to me to be a culture of arrogance and indifference towards their customers that I've never come across before.I called them in early January 2017 to discuss purchasing a pair of replacement castors. The lady I spoke to suggested I could have the original castors repaired thus maintaining the originality of the chair they belong to. I duly sent them off and got a call back from Marshalls confirming that the castors could be repaired to a good standard and what the cost would be which I accepted. They were returned within the two weeks they specified but they were faulty; someone had overtightened the centre rivets thus preventing the wheels from swivelling. I tried calling Marshalls several times that morning with no answer so I emailed explaining what had happened. They replied by saying that they had done what I asked by replacing the centre pins and suggested that the plates may be bent implying by this that it was not their fault and to send them back. I returned the castors with a covering letter to the effect that the plates were not bent and that they had been over tightened during the riveting process. It was a month later that my castors were returned in full functioning order. I honestly believe that I've only got them now because I emailed twice in the previous week for an update; they ignored my first email!I am appalled by this company's response because they have not once acknowledged that they caused the problem nor have they apologised for any inconvenience caused and they gave my job no extra priority in recognition of their error thus making me miss my client's deadline. In fact I believe they set out to punish me by taking a month to fix it! The only concession they made to acknowledging their error was by way of refunding my additional postage cost that I had requested.In my opinion one measure of a good company is how they respond to errors. Everyone makes one at some point and putting one's hands up and taking a complaint seriously is key to maintaining a good customer, supplier relationship. If you call this company, it is likely that you will speak to a lady who's telephone manner is abrupt, unfriendly and condescending. She doesn't give her name either on the phone or in her emails thus maintaining anonymity. I believe she is senior in the company and is behind the culture that exists. I could go on but life is too short!