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With over 30 years of expertise in the matting industry, Mats4U has been delivering matting and mat solutions to industries, businesses, and homes across the UK and Europe. We take pride in offering excellent customer service, and our vision is centred around earning your trust for an exceptional experience.

We don't just make promises; we stand by them with our unparalleled 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, along with Free UK Delivery and a Free Returns policy within 365 days. We are totally committed to provide tailored solutions for our customers.

Situated in Sutton Coldfield, in the heart of England, we are enthusiastic about assisting our customers in finding the perfect solution for their needs, whether it's enhancing health and safety, reducing cleaning costs, or improving aesthetics and decor.

Customised Logo Mats
Mats4U recognises the significance of making a lasting impression, which is why we provide premium custom logo mats that seamlessly blend functionality with branding. If you aim to elevate your entrance, highlight your brand, and project a professional image, you've found the perfect solution.

Our custom logo mats are meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail. We employ top-quality materials and advanced printing techniques to deliver vibrant colours and sharp designs that authentically represent your brand. Whether you're a small business, a corporate office, a retail store, or any other organisation, our custom logo mats are designed to cater to your unique requirements.

Coir Coconut Entrance Matting
Coir matting remains a popular choice for entrance matting in various industries, thanks to its timeless appearance and effective dirt-scraping capabilities. Coir doormats are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas like doorways, entrances, and reception areas in businesses or office blocks.

Our collection of coir door mats is crafted from sustainable coconut fibres, making them naturally eco-friendly. They are PVC-backed to prevent water and moisture penetration onto the floor, reducing the risk of slips on wet surfaces. The twisted coir fibres resist crushing, ensuring a longer mat lifespan. The coarse texture of coir mats is ideal for scraping away dirt from footwear, maintaining cleanliness and presentation in your business regardless of weather conditions.

At Mats4U, we exclusively offer premium-grade coir, minimizing shedding and extending the matting's longevity. Our range includes standard lengths in 1m or 2m rolls, and we also provide custom cutting to meet your specific length requirements.

In addition to traditional coloured coir, we offer various coloured coir options to complement your décor. If you're interested, we can even incorporate your logo onto a coir mat—explore our coir logo mats and request a free, no-obligation quote and digital design proof.

Entrance Mats
Are you in search of effective and high-quality entrance mats and commercial mats for your business? The importance of creating a positive first impression in business cannot be overstated. Ensuring that your office floor or commercial unit is presentable and clean is crucial, especially when welcoming talented individuals and business clients to your premises. That's why our top-notch entrance mats are designed to ensure those initial impressions truly matter.

At Mats4U, we offer a broad range of commercial matting, entrance door mats, and entrance matting designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our mats not only enhance the aesthetic of your office but also play a vital role in preventing up to 90% of dirt from entering your building. Placing a high-quality commercial door mat or entrance mat at the entrance to your business or office building encourages employees and visitors to wipe their feet, effectively reducing the transfer of dirt throughout your business space.

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Anti-Fatigue Mats are essential for individuals who spend prolonged periods standing, particularly on hard surfaces. This can lead to significant health issues, including lower back problems, muscle fatigue, joint pains, and more. Not only does this impact the well-being of workers, but it also results in reduced work productivity and increased absence from work.

At Mats4U, we offer a diverse range of durable and high-performing Anti-Fatigue Mats designed to address this issue and provide sustained comfort for employees. Our Anti-Fatigue Mats are crafted to alleviate muscle stress, enhance blood circulation, minimise pain, and prevent serious health issues. They are suitable for use in various work settings, including production lines, warehouses, cash/customer service desks, hair salons, commercial kitchens, workstations, and other environments. Our Anti-Fatigue mats are designed for all industrial settings, performing effectively in any situation, even in harsh weather or industrial conditions.

Door Mats
At Mats4U, we are your go-to experts for high-quality mats and matting solutions for your home. Explore our fantastic range of mats available online, including front and back door mats, as well as mats designed specifically for pets. Your home should be a place of safety and security, and a high-performing mat can contribute to achieving this. Protect your home from dirt, debris, water, grease, and bacteria with a top-notch door mat designed to scrape and wipe footwear, preventing slips, trips, and falls.

Safeguard your home with bestsellers like the Waterhog Classic or Tri Grip Heavy Duty mat, ensuring a clean and odour-free environment. Personalise your door mat for a bespoke touch. Our mats are carefully selected for their high quality and guaranteed performance, ensuring they remain effective in your home for many years.

Door mats are essential worldwide, playing a crucial role in keeping floors safe and clean in both homes and business premises. They are designed to remove dirt and water from footwear, wheeled traffic, and even muddy paws from pets, making them indispensable for maintaining cleanliness, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Investing in a quality doormat is a practical and cost-effective way to prevent slip-and-fall accidents and reduce the risk of costly floor and carpet replacements. Many of our door mats have been rigorously tested in high-traffic situations, ensuring they stand the test of time and remain effective for years to come.

Our online collection of door mats to keep your property clean and slip-free. Choose from a wide range of colours, materials, backing options, sizes, and styles to complement your home's décor. We even offer custom size door mats for areas with specific requirements. Elevate your entrance and give your visitors a warm welcome with our premium door mats.

Non-Slip Mats
Non-slip mats and anti-slip matting are primarily used in areas where traction underfoot is critical to help prevent slips, trips and falls. They are designed for areas that are prone to wet and slippery floors and perform effectively under these circumstances.

We provide a large selection of non-slip mats that are suitable for all industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. Whether the mat is used in a low traffic domestic area, or a busier and more industrial location, they are super durable and can help prevent slips and falls in all areas.

Our non-slip mats excel at ensuring a safer environment. There are many options when it comes to non-slip mats, such as with or without drainage holes, rolls or fixed sizes, anti-bacterial for bare foot areas and more. We provide many options of non-slip mats designed for workplaces and public areas. If you want to improve health and safety and prevent slips, our non-slip mats are the way to go.

Contact us for free guidance and advice on our mats, and rest assured that you've made the right choice with our guaranteed satisfaction.


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I am delighted with my mat. It fits perfectly into the space we wanted, looks lovely and feels great quality. It was also delivered very quickly. What a brilliant service!



Very user-friendly online ordering service.Mats arrived within expected timeline, and are of an exceptional quality.Impressed with the all around professionalism, and will definitely will be utilising this service again.



A prompt, efficient service. The mat originally ordered was as described but for the length. It was rather short. I reported this to the Manager who then checked my measurements and recognised that the problem was with all of the stock. As there was not a replacement available, I was offered and accepted another very high quality mat. The communication throughout was excellent. Customer service greatly exceeded expectations.


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