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12 Teal Court
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Bellshill Lanarkshire ML4 3NN United Kingdom

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About us

MB Firepumps Ltd operates across Scotland, The Islands, and the North East of England, specialising in supplying, installing, retrofitting, repairing, and servicing fire pump systems, making them industry frontrunners in this field.

We provide a round-the-clock emergency service every day of the year, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your property. Additionally, we are the sole provider in Scotland that guarantees a 24-hour response time.

Regardless of whether it's an office, factory, warehouse, school, college, retail premises, historic building, or residential home, MB Firepumps is ready to discuss your specific needs and provide the optimal solution to ensure your fire pump system remains well-maintained and operational at all times.

Our Services Include:

Fire Pump Servicing
Typically, we recommend opting for a semi-annual maintenance agreement. Our extensive experience has shown that well-maintained and properly serviced fire pumps offer enhanced reliability and lower lifetime operational costs. By entering into our maintenance agreements, you can benefit from substantial savings and, more importantly, the assurance that your fire protection system remains fully operational at all times. We conduct on-site testing and provide test certifications immediately, followed by digital certification on the same day after servicing.

Fire Pump Repairs
If a breakdown occurs, your call will be logged and assigned to one of our engineers, with regular updates provided on their estimated arrival time at your premises. Upon arrival, the engineer will assess the issue and often conduct a successful repair during the visit, or implement a temporary fix to provide interim coverage until replacement parts can be obtained.

Fire Pump System Installations
Based on our experience, fire pump system enclosures are often situated in areas with extremely limited access and confined space for manoeuvring. However, throughout MB Firepumps' history, we have consistently succeeded in removing retired fire pumps and installing new equipment within existing fire pump rooms without fail. Our engineers are adept at disassembling old machines for safe removal and preparing new pumps for on-site reassembly. Additionally, we offer pump room refurbishment services concurrently with the installation of your new fire pump equipment.

Established in 2004, MB Firepumps brings over 40 years of collective expertise in the fire protection industry, supported by a team of skilled engineers proficient in fire pump system installation, servicing, and maintenance. Our knowledgeable office support staff are available to discuss your specific needs and coordinate a site visit from one of our engineers.

Our reputation is founded on delivering expert guidance and top-notch service, whether it's scheduled maintenance, repairs, or replacements. Regardless of the contract size, MB Firepumps maintains a steadfast commitment to meticulous attention to detail, always aiming to deliver unparalleled service quality.

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MB Firepumps Ltd

Good information supplied on faults & corrective action required. Good RAMS supplied. Engineers always very helpful.


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