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Medpage Ltd T/A Easy Link UK

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3 Melbourne House, Corby Gate Business Park, Priors Haw Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 5JG, United Kingdom

Leading suppliers of radio nurse call alarm systems and lone worker personal alarms, using a wireless message alerting system. Also supplying attack alarms, disability equipment such as disabled toilet alarms, smoke alarms for deaf people, falls prevention and epilepsy seizure alarms. Other products include remote control power sockets, restaurant waiter calling system, mains power failure alarms and more.

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To my regret, the equipment I bought from Medpage/Easylink turned out not to be suitable for my elderly mother's circumstances. That is a shame, because it was a phone & sound detector with a vibrating pad that worked very well - it just would not have been any help when she has the Radio or TV on loud all the time. This review is therefore for the company's customer service, which I found to be exemplary.