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Mobile Kitchens Ltd is a Surrey-based company specialising in the hire of top-notch Catering Equipment, and Container Kitchens. With our extensive reach, we proudly serve clients throughout the UK and Europe, offering exceptional catering facilities.

We prioritise affordability by procuring equipment on a large scale, ensuring competitive prices for our valued customers. Additionally, to meet the growing demand for specialised equipment, we have established a comprehensive database for streamlined equipment purchases.

With a rich history spanning diverse market sectors, Mobile Hire brings unparalleled expertise to various industries. Whether it's care homes, hotels, film and TV sets, construction sites, mines, hospitals, pubs, restaurants, or sports stadiums, we have successfully catered to them all. From the lively shores of Brighton to the remote jungles of Cambodia, our kitchens have reached the most remarkable destinations worldwide.

At Mobile Kitchens Ltd, we thrive on challenges and pride ourselves on finding solutions for every space restriction and obstacle imaginable. No task is too daunting for our dedicated team.

Our impressive range of container units includes Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Mobile Kitchens, Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Dry Stores, Restaurant and Servery Units, and much more. We offer comprehensive services, including Site Survey, Project Management, Design, Supply & Installation, as well as On-site Maintenance & Support. Rest assured that we provide a holistic approach to cater to all your needs.

Our Mobile Kitchen Services Cover a Variety of Sectors & Facilities, Including:

Holiday Parks
Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including caravan park catering equipment rental and holiday home park kitchen supplies for rent. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we offer fast catering equipment hire for caravan sites, ensuring that holiday park operators have access to top-quality gear whenever they need it. Whether it's an emergency requirement or a last-minute event, our mobile kitchen equipment rentals cater to the unique needs of holiday parks, providing everything from movable kitchen units to container kitchens.

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Outdoor Adventure Programs
With a focus on quality and convenience, we provide outdoor cooking equipment hire and camping kitchen rental options, ensuring that your participants are well-fed and energized throughout their outdoor activities. From adventure campsite food service rentals to portable cooking setups for expeditions, we have the catering gear and expertise to support your wilderness programs. Whether you're planning a wilderness survival camp or a hiking program, Mobile Kitchens Ltd delivers reliable mobile kitchen solutions and outdoor event catering equipment hire, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Outdoor adventure kitchen rental, mobile catering for adventure programs, temporary kitchen for wilderness camps, adventure program food service solutions, outdoor cooking equipment hire, camping kitchen rental for adventures, mobile kitchen for outdoor activities, catering gear for wilderness programs, adventure campsite food service rental, portable cooking setup for expeditions, outdoor event catering equipment hire, wilderness survival camp kitchen rental, mobile kitchen for hiking programs, adventure trail food service solutions, temporary catering for outdoor excursions.
Sports Events
Mobile Kitchens Ltd is your premier partner for mobile kitchen solutions designed to enhance sports events of all kinds. From athletic tournaments to sports competitions, we offer comprehensive services to meet your catering needs. Our offerings include sports event kitchen rental and mobile catering for sports tournaments, providing temporary kitchen setups and event catering equipment for sports venues and stadiums.

Sports event kitchen rental, mobile catering for athletic tournaments, temporary kitchen for sports competitions, event catering equipment for sports, outdoor sports food service solutions, mobile kitchen for sports matches, catering gear for sporting events, stadium kitchen rental for games, sports tournament food service rental, portable cooking setup for races, event catering equipment hire for sports, temporary kitchen for fitness events, mobile kitchen for marathon events, sports festival food service solutions, outdoor sports party catering rental, mobile kitchen rental for sports arenas, movable catering equipment for stadiums, portable kitchen solutions for sports events, stadium mobile kitchen for hire, mobile catering for sports tournaments, temporary kitchen setup for stadiums, portable food service equipment rental, sports arena catering gear hire, mobile watering equipment for events, movable drink station rental, stadium concession stand for hire, sports event beverage service rental, portable kitchen facilities for stadiums, mobile hydration equipment hire, temporary beverage station for sports, stadium catering equipment on wheels, mobile kitchen for stadium events, movable watering gear for arenas, portable concession stand for hire, sports venue catering equipment rental, catering equipment rental for events, mobile event kitchen gear for hire, temporary catering solutions for parties, event catering supplies rental, outdoor event cooking equipment hire, portable kitchen equipment for gatherings, mobile food service gear for events, complete event catering gear rental, temporary kitchen setup for celebrations, party catering equipment hire, mobile buffet setup for events, event planning catering gear rental, outdoor celebration cooking equipment, portable catering supplies for parties, event catering appliance rental, sports event pot wash unit rental, mobile pot washing for athletic tournaments, temporary dishwashing for sports competitions, event dishwashing equipment for sports, outdoor sports event pot wash unit hire.

Whether it's a large-scale project or a temporary setup, we offer container kitchen rental options designed to meet the unique needs of builders and construction crews. Our services include mobile catering equipment hire, temporary kitchen setups, and construction site catering equipment rental, ensuring that your team stays fuelled and productive throughout the project. From portable kitchens to movable catering containers, we provide complete setups that are easy to deploy and operate on-site.

Container kitchen rental for construction sites, mobile catering equipment hire for builders, temporary kitchen setup for construction projects, construction site catering equipment rental, portable kitchen for hire at building sites, movable catering container for construction, complete container kitchen setup for sites, construction site pot wash unit rental, mobile catering for construction crews, temporary pot washing solutions for builders, catering gear for construction projects, portable kitchen equipment for hire, container pot wash unit for construction, construction site event catering rentals, mobile buffet setup for building sites, event planning catering gear for construction, portable catering supplies for construction sites, construction site catering appliance rental, movable kitchen unit for temporary setups.
Disaster Relief
From providing compact kitchen units for emergency situations to offering portable pot washing equipment and temporary dishwashing solutions, we ensure that relief efforts have access to essential facilities for food preparation and hygiene maintenance. Our disaster response mobile kitchens are available for hire, equipped with everything needed to serve communities in crisis.

Emergency kitchen unit rental for disaster relief, mobile kitchen solutions for emergency response, portable catering for disaster recovery operations, disaster relief pot wash unit for hire, mobile dishwashing solutions for emergencies, portable pot washing equipment for disaster relief, emergency catering equipment rental for relief efforts, disaster response mobile kitchen for hire, compact kitchen units for emergency situations, temporary pot washing solutions for disaster relief, mobile disaster relief kitchen appliance rental, portable kitchen setup for emergency shelters, crisis response pot wash unit for rent, mobile catering for disaster-stricken areas, emergency pot washing gear for rapid deployment, portable disaster relief kitchen facilities, temporary dishwashing for emergency situations, disaster recovery pot wash unit rental, mobile emergency catering equipment for hire, compact kitchen solutions for disaster relief efforts.
With extended fully equipped kitchen agreements and continuous mobile kitchen leases for the navy and RAF, we provide reliable and efficient food service solutions for prolonged military deployments. Our permanent kitchen setups for military camps and army bases are designed to meet the unique needs of military operations, offering continuous support throughout extended durations. Whether it's fully equipped kitchens for RAF bases or navy camp catering gear leases, Mobile Kitchens Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive and dependable mobile kitchen facilities for the military.

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Our services include supermarket cafe kitchen rental, temporary kitchen solutions, and cafe equipment rental, ensuring that your supermarket cafe operates smoothly and efficiently. With affordable contract kitchen options and emergency rental services available, we provide cost-effective solutions to support your cafe needs, even during unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, we offer supermarket cafe pot wash unit rental and low-cost pot washing equipment leasing, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained at all times.

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Corporate Offices
From temporary kitchen setups to container catering gear, we offer a range of options to suit your needs. Our portable food service equipment for hire ensures that your corporate functions are well-catered for, with everything from office event catering equipment rental to mobile office hydration equipment available. With our corporate container kitchen facilities and portable kitchens on wheels, you can trust Mobile Kitchens Ltd to provide efficient and reliable food service solutions for your corporate events and gatherings.

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Mobile Kitchens Ltd is your go-to provider for long-term kitchen hire solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries and settings. Our services include long-term kitchen hire for construction sites, making life easier for building contractors as well as commercial renovations and industrial projects. We specialise in hospital kitchen hire, offering refurbishment and replacement units, along with equipment rental for healthcare facilities. Additionally, we provide care home kitchen hire, including refurbishment and replacement options, as well as equipment rental for care homes. For the hospitality sector, we offer luxury hotel and small hotel kitchen hire, complete with refurbishment, replacement units, and equipment rental. Our services extend to golf courses, cricket clubs, and events with kitchen refurbishment, replacement units, and equipment rental for golf, tennis, cricket, and other special occasions. We also provide Christmas market and office party kitchen hire for seasonal festivities. Private residences, country houses, gyms, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, food trucks, and private events can all benefit from our kitchen rental options. Whether you require a small catering kitchen or a full-scale commercial kitchen, Mobile Kitchens Ltd has you covered with flexible and comprehensive solutions.

Choose Mobile Kitchens Ltd for unparalleled expertise, a wide range of services, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving culinary excellence.

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