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Here at Maison Soleil Beauty we have had a fantastic reaction to Gelish from our clients. Not only do they love the lack of drying time but absolutely adore the vibrant colours and the amazing just polished wet look Gelish gives them for weeks


My clients are amazed by Gelish! I love the exiting colour range, wide brush for easy application, lightweight thin coating, satin feel, super glossy finish, durability and strength and best of all the gentle removal without any damage to the natural nail. I lean more towards natural nail care and this product allows those with weak bendy nails to achieve length. It's such an easy system to work with and a great innovation to the nail industry.


After 20 years of wearing Acrylic I have now switched to Harmony Gelish, the texture and finish is fab they survived nearly 4 weeks before starting to show signs of wear and tear and considering I am a Nail Tech and Salon owner working with my hands everyday I am over the moon, can't wait to convert my clients.