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Stamford House, 29 The Village Close, Upper Arncott, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX25 1QU, United Kingdom

Technologically advanced mobile dental units from UK’s leading dental unit specialists NewCoDent Ltd. At the forefront of the dental industry, NewCoDent Ltd has designed and developed portable dental units that incorporate syringes, scalers, handpieces, patient chair and more.

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The MDU-8 24V mobile dental unit is easy to set-up and is instinctive to use for anyone with dental training. The unit provides a complete array of the mechanical dental instruments required for a full range of dental treatments (high-speed, slow-seed, 3in1, ultrasonic scaler & light-cure).The high-speed handpiece provides extra illumination in the mouth, which is an invaluable addition in the domiciliary setting. The addition of a dental curing light provides the convenience of not having to pack fragile equipment separately, risking damage or forgetting it… An ultra-sonic scaler makes the unit valuable for the dentist, therapists and hygienists, allowing the full use of the clinical skill mix even outside of the surgery environment. The Lysta mini-suction unit provides high-quality and reliable suction power outside of the surgery. It performs at the same level as our, in-surgery suction unit, making treatment comfortable for the patient and improving safety for the dental team. Having a disposable VaxSac liner to collect the fluids, makes disposal simple and eliminates the inconvenience of draining & cleaning the system or replacing filters. With the addition of suction tubing, the unit can be used in all situations and deal with any difficulties in location or patient position. Combining the two units means we can turn any room into a dental surgery and perform a wide range of dental procedures outside the traditional surgery environment. So far the units have been used to provide care for in-patients on the wards of our community hospitals, residents in our elderly care homes, residents in our mental health care facilities and individuals in their own homes. The service this equipment enables us to provide has been welcomed by the nurses, care staff, families and patients, making the dental experience less stressful and more convenient for all involved. Secondary to this, it has also led to a reduced reliance on the Ambulance Transport Service, which has reduced costs to the NHS and excess workload to the Ambulance Service.


The practice had been looking into purchasing a backup compressor and dental equipment in the event of failure. Many of the solutions we looked at did not fit our needs and we then considered the possibility of portable dental equipment and we discovered Newcodent. We contacted you and you were quick to arrange a visit to demonstrate the unit and its capabilities. It is light, very portable, well-engineered, well made and along with the compressor and suction unit is an entire replacement surgery in one! We are delighted with it and your service and after sales contact have been second to none. Thank you so much.


My main reason for buying the NewCoDent dental unit was that I needed a portable dental unit for my work in hospital theatre. I did my research, look around the competitors and once I saw and tested your dental unit it was clear to me it was a well built quality item that will hopefully last me for many years to come.


The unit supplied by Newcodent products, the MDU7 and saliva suction unit did exactly as it had been demonstrated. We would like to thank Siggi for his unique design and hope our recommendation for his products will help other dentists around the world in their daily work. This unit will also be a great asset as a stand by unit in any dental clinic.


I purchased this equipment a year ago and have used it for all types ofmobile dentistry. It is working very well and patients are extremelyimpressed with the efficiency and professional appearance of theequipment, as am I. The tools supplied by Newcodent, in terms ofproviding light to the treatment area of the mouth, are fantastic! Theafter care service provided by Siggi has been excellent, faultless infact, and I would be more than happy to speak personally to anyprofessional looking to purchase any Newcodent products as I alsouse the mini saliva suction unit.


Dr.Kofi Laing,a friend of Narh-Bita Hospital LTD.presented a Mobile Dental Unit to the Dental Clinic of the Narh-Bita Hospital on behalf of New Co Dent.The Management of Narh-Bita Hospital will like to express its sincere thanks and appreciation for the kind donation.We plan to reach out the various communities and give dental care to less privileged ones during our periodic outreach programmes.We believe your kind donation will go a long way to improve quality service we provide.We look forward to strengthening future relationship with your organisation.