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About us

NK Group is built up of three divisions - Soundproofing, Security and Thermal. We are UK leading experts in Soundproofing equipment for both Industrial and Domestic customers.

NK Group trade under the name Noisekiller which was formed to supply Vehicle, Marine, Industrial & Domestic markets with a range of highly effective sound proofing materials. Noisekiller work with a wide variety of customers including BBC, Local Government, MOD, Police & other motoring organisations to solve all there Noise concerns.  

Our other division ‘Noisy Neighbours’ provides households with soundproofing technologies so you can enjoy your home without any disruptions. We serve both new and old buildings.

NK Group are proud to manufacture all of our products here in the UK. This enables us to work within short time scales and offer a bespoke design service so suit your individual needs.

Soundproofing for Vehicles

NK Group manufacture soundproofing and noise reduction kits for many types of vehicles including Cars, Vans, VW Campers, Land Rovers, Motor Homes & Taxis. We cut each soundproofing material to shape to meet your exact needs.


Centinel Security Products offer the very best security products for your vehicle. We can provide you with a range of ground anchor posts to prevent theft of your car, motorhome or caravan etc.

Our range also includes:

  • Security posts to protect your car park space from being used by other drivers
  • Total Enclosure Security System for Garage Forecourts, Residential areas and large company car parks
  • Centinel Clutch Claw for protecting your vehicle from being stolen and driven away when you are away from home.

NK Thermal have an excellent reputation around the world for our quality fire protection products and noise reduction acoustic blankets. All products are manufactured using only the best thermal materials.

Products include:
  • Blazepak fire resistant document wallet
  • Fire Blankets Coversafe ™
  • Fire Curtains
  • Weldstop © Welding Blankets
  • Weldstop © Welding Covers

Orders can be placed over the phone or through our Online Shop.

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Latest Reviews

NK Group

Dear Sir,it is as it is, so I hope more people find their way to your product(s) becausethey give the ownership of a Land Rover a big step forward ! Continue yourquality in service and product and price will never be an option for the averageLand Rover owner


NK Group

Hi. I used your sound deadening kit in my 1963 1300 (very) lowered VW Beetle recently and thought you may like to know the results? I removed the rear seats, carpeting and door cards, covered that whole area and then refitted everything as it was (bearing in mind of course the engine/gearbox is behind and beneath this). Before install and at a tickover of 800rpm my dB meter showed around 72dB and with a little blip of the throttle to 1500rpm I got about 83db. After install this dropped by 5dB across the board. Very happy with this and i’ll definitely be ordering more to do the front of the car too.


NK Group

I have to say I’m really impressed with the soundproofing you sent for my Hillman Imp. I used the foil-faced sheet and the egg box material and made a custom parcel shelf and covered the under side of it with the egg box. It cut out so much of the noise in side the cabin. I have posted a review on the Hillman Imp Club website


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