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I ordered and paid for a pair of stools from Onlinereality and had nothing but grief trying to get the order fulfilled.Firstly (a week after my order) I had an email saying they could no longer provide the stools I'd ordered and paid for and "did I want a replacement set?"I agreed the replacements were OK and they said they'd send them. Numerous emails, promises but no delivery of my stools later they then decided they could no longer supply the replacements either. This was now 1 month after my original order and all I got to show for the hassle and messing about was a virus infected email with a halfhearted apology and a refund (not immediately but 2 days later!!).In summary I'd suggest this is a tinpot operation run out of someone's back room that just act as middlemen and stock nothing themselves. They are quite happy messing you about and have no clue what they're doing. I did get my money back but only after 1 month of messing about and I find this totally unacceptable. Order at your own risk but I'd suggest a more reputable company myself.


First order was fine, A substantial second order was not so great. Incomplete, delivery was changed and then took 2 days to install. One set of desks not received, chased on numerous occasions. Finally came but still incomplete. Third order, which was placed at the same time as the second, was completely the wrong item. They do not seem to have very good communication with suppliers, terrible customer service and thankfully I have not paid up front! Although the furniture is good and reasonably priced I would not recommend them. IT has been nothing but hassle, me always chasing them and I would recommend going elsewhere to get better service.


I had very good service and would recommend this company for efficiency and good products.


Ordered credenza unit - had to chase delivery date after weeks of hearing nothing. Arrived incomplete without top (a rather important part). Contacted office and they said they might be able to source a replacement. That was a week ago...My phone calls are never returned, I have to chase constantly, suggest to them possible solutions, none of which seem to happen. Very poor customer service and would not use them again nor recommend Office Reality to anyone who appreciates a good service. Completely regret ordering from them, they have had payment for 2 months and I'm still waiting...