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About us

Pennine Components Ltd, a well-established UK company, specialises in distribution and stocking of a diverse range of switching components, covering everything from Sensors and Switches to Relays and Protection Products.

Throughout the years, the company has expanded its supplier base significantly, maintaining its specialisation in switching components. This includes Magnetic Switches, Safety Switches, Proximity Sensors, Relays, and Rocker Switches, catering to a diverse range of industries.

In the beginning, our focus was on serving local markets such as the UK Oil industry, Machine Tool sector, and Bus fleet operators. However, our scope has expanded, and we now operate on a global scale, welcoming inquiries from both international customers and individual consumers.

Our Products Include:

ATEX Magnetic Switches
ATEX Magnetic Switches are specialised magnetic switches designed to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEX, short for Atmosphères Explosibles, is a European directive outlining the requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

Automotive Rocker Switches
Integral components in vehicle control panels, designed to provide a convenient and ergonomic means of activating or deactivating electrical systems. These switches, often featuring a rocker-style actuator that moves back and forth, offer a tactile interface for users to easily toggle between different functions in a vehicle.

Battery Isolators ADR
Specialised devices designed to ensure the safe and efficient management of electrical power in vehicles, adhering to the regulatory standards set. These isolators play a crucial role in preventing battery drain and ensuring that the vehicle's electrical systems are isolated when not in use, preserving battery life.

Circuit Breakers Magnetic Hydraulic DC
Essential components designed to protect electrical circuits from overloads and faults in direct current (DC) applications. Combining both magnetic and hydraulic technologies, these circuit breakers offer efficient and reliable protection for various DC-powered systems.

These versatile devices come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, catering to a wide range of applications across industries. Connectors play a crucial role in establishing reliable and secure connections, ensuring efficient communication and power distribution in electronic circuits, machinery, and electronic devices.

Control Gear
Comprising various devices such as contactors, relays, and starters, control gear facilitates the efficient control, protection, and automation of industrial and commercial processes. These components play a pivotal role in managing the start, stop, and regulation of electrical motors and machinery, enhancing operational efficiency while ensuring safety.

Light Towers & Buzzers ATEX
Specialised signalling devices crafted to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. Compliant with stringent safety standards, these ATEX-certified light towers and buzzers are crucial in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and mining, where the presence of combustible gases or dust poses inherent risks. The design ensures that these devices do not become a potential ignition source.

… And more.

With Pennine Components Ltd You Can:

  • Submit your order via telephone or email.
  • Engage in trading on an account basis (Subject to references for UK Ltd companies).
  • We provide assistance with technical aspects and applications.
  • We arrange your orders and provide discounted rates for volume inquiries.
We Maintain Stock of Reputable Brands Including:

Allen Bradley Safety, BDC Electronic, Bremas Ersce, Carlingswitch, Carling Technologies UK, Carlo Gavazzi, Comadan-CMAC, Costech, Crouzet, Durakool, Durite, EBM-Papst, Ecans BMS, Ersce-Bremas, Essen Deinki, Euroswitch UK, Fandis, Idem Safety Switches, Herbert Controls, Kissling Elektrotechnik, Guardmaster, Littelfuse, Magnecraft, Moflash, Nagares-Mahle, Otax, Otto, Panasonic Electric Works, Pilz, Pizzatto, Potter & Brumfield, Saia Burgess, Salzer, Schrack, SE Relays, Schneider Electric Relays, Sigma Controls (Wigan), Steute UK, Struthers & Dunn, TE Connectivity-Kissling.

We provide technical assistance and substitutes for obsolete components. Explore our website for additional details.


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Pennine Components Ltd

Spoke to the technical help person regarding replacement micro-switches for a central heating boiler diverter/actuator. He made recommendations, I bought what he suggested. Spot on, they are better than the original manufacturers micro-switches and no longer failing. Excellent service, Excellent prices, Excellent service.


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