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At Refcool Refrigeration Ltd, we understand the significant impact of production interruptions caused by cooling plant malfunctions, which can lead to financial losses, higher operational expenses, and the potential loss of contracts.

These issues commonly arise from factors like subpar design and specifications, insufficient installation and application, neglect of regular maintenance, and the difficulties presented by rising ambient temperatures. To tackle these challenges, we offer customised chillers tailored to your production needs, ensuring we grasp both your average and peak cooling demands. Our team meticulously installs these chillers to ensure they fulfil their intended purposes, and we provide thorough maintenance and aftercare services, including routine visits to reduce downtime.
We express gratitude to our clientele across various sectors for relying on us for their cooling equipment requirements.

Collaborating with us entails meeting seasoned engineers to outline your needs, conducting a site assessment for verification, and reviewing and accepting a proposal. What distinguishes us is our team's wealth of experience and dedication to offering support, our emphasis on marketing environmentally friendly Refrigerant Chillers, and our steadfast commitment to energy efficiency.

Our Services Include:

Design & Manufacture

Leveraging Refcool's extensive engineering expertise, we provide a design and construction service for custom refrigeration and temperature control equipment. Small-scale production runs and prototypes can be efficiently manufactured on-site by our skilled F gas engineers, ensuring cost-effectiveness. For larger production runs, Refcool taps into its extensive global network of manufacturers to source and uphold quality standards.

Refcool routinely conducts comprehensive turnkey installations of cooling systems, often incorporating various components like chillers, free-coolers, adiabatic coolers, and related ancillary equipment such as tanks and pump-sets. We offer both mechanical and electrical services, and if necessary, we can also provide detailed schematic design drawings. With in-house 3D design capabilities, we can create designs for pump stations and other standalone equipment. Collaborating closely with clients, we leverage their expertise in the process while combining it with our design and on-field experience to deliver the most effective solution. Process pipework typically utilises stainless steel or ABS plastic, although alternative materials are available upon request. We offer insulation tailored to suit temperature, application, and location, with finishes typically including PIB or hygienic options.

Lease / Hire
Refcool Refrigeration provides a comprehensive Chiller and Cooling Hire Service, offering units ranging from 1 to 600kW. These chillers can be supplied as packaged units complete with pumps and tanks or as individual components tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer hoses, vessels, pumps, and heat exchangers to simplify the process of finding a solution for your breakdown or rental requirements. Our hire options start from as little as a week, with next-day delivery available for added convenience and cost-effectiveness. Rest assured, all equipment is fully supported by our national team of engineers to ensure proper installation and commissioning. We offer both short-term and long-term hire options to accommodate your preferences, with long-term hire often chosen by clients for its enhanced flexibility compared to outright purchase.

Our Products Include:


​ We are a British manufacturer specialising in chillers and cooling equipment, serving as distributors, installers, and service providers for a curated range of top European manufacturers. Our offerings span the entire spectrum of chiller capacities, from single-phase laboratory-style chillers below 1kW to central chiller systems exceeding 1MW. While we showcase a limited selection of options, we are not confined to these choices. Please feel free to reach out to us for straightforward, professional advice and guidance tailored to your cooling needs.
Free Coolers & Condensers
Free coolers, sometimes known as Dry coolers, operate on a closed-loop cooling system. They dissipate heat from a fluid, typically water, by passing ambient air over a coil. When ambient temperatures drop below 4°C, there's a risk of water freezing, necessitating the use of an inhibitor like Glycol, usually in the appropriate dilution. Given the wide range of ambient temperatures in the UK, from -5°C to 30°C, special care is required to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. This is typically addressed by incorporating an expansion vessel and some form of pressure relief valve in the thermal circuit.

Data Centre / Server Room
We specialise in small to medium-scale installations, offering specialised equipment with various options and configurations for easy installation in both new and retrofit system setups. Our range of cooling solutions includes DX rear door coolers and in-rack coolers designed to meet specific cooling performance and redundancy requirements. Manufactured at our Devon facility in the UK, our own line of DX and water-cooled 'In-Rack' Server coolers are straightforward to install and maintain, featuring Hot swappable fans and boasting proven reliability in real-world applications.

… And more.
​ We are a British manufacturer specialising in chillers and cooling equipment. Additionally, we serve as distributors, installers, and service providers for a carefully chosen group of top European manufacturers.
We offer chillers of various capacities, ranging from single-phase laboratory-style units below 1kW to central chiller systems exceeding 1MW. While we present a limited selection of options, our offerings extend beyond these choices.

Feel free to reach out to us for clear and professional advice and guidance regarding your cooling needs.


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Excellent company to work with. Very responsive and helpful. I would definitely recommend this company as a supplier.


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