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Resbuild House
Unit 4, Durham Lane
Doncaster South Yorkshire DN3 3FE United Kingdom

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About us

Resin Building Products Ltd is an experienced Yorkshire based company specialising in the developing and manufacturing of resin building supplies.

Our range spans from epoxy, screeds, mortars, MMA resin based coatings, adhesives, sealers and many more. These are guaranteed in quality and reliability as we know these are two factors essential in the construction industry.

TTURA is a more environmentally friendly building material that has won awards in having many superior qualities in its use for flooring, architectural projects, furniture and work surfaces. We guarantee in TTURA strength, scratch and stain resistancea and the need for only very little maintenance.

We also provide hygienic coatings that are simply the best resin systems for environments requiring high hygiene standards and surfaces that are easiest to clean on a regular basis. Its properties also involve slip resistance and chemical resistance.

Our industrial flooring is developed for busy environments that need durability and ease to ensure an effective and thriving atmosphere. Our flooring can contain resistance to slipping, chemicals, impact and abrasions, which make it perfect for industrial spaces.

We recognise that some floors not only need to be useful and safe, but for some industries they need to look good, too. Our decorative flooring for commercial environments helps consistency with the design as well as practicality.

Slip and skid resistance as well as chemical resistance is a crucial quality that some surfaces may need. Our service can involve these qualities for either work places or public places where there are strict, but necessary, rules on health and safety.

Here at Resin Building Products we are passionate about not only supplying the right product, but offering the best service, too. We can give you a resin repair system according to your individual requirements. We also have supplies that ensure maximum protection of structures and floors.

Please take a look at our brochures for full details on our range of coatings and sealers, Resbuild MMA products, screeds, mortars and adhesives, fast cure epoxies and Resbuild Ultra products.

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Resin Building Products Ltd

The team at Resin Building products always go out of their way to accommodate our requirements. A trusted supplier we wouldn't hesitate to recommend :)


Resin Building Products Ltd

When looking for resin flooring materials you need a company that can supply the best quality available, tried and tested over the years with proven results. Resin Building Products Ltd are that company. Add the excellent customer service and technical support and you have a company that delivers what you need, every time.


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