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About us

With a history spanning more than three decades, Ridley Electronics Ltd is a distinguished UK-based company specialising in the design and manufacturing of environmental control and communication devices.

Our product range includes nurse call systems, disability aids, and other related equipment that grant customers the ability to remotely control their surroundings. We specifically cater to individuals with disabilities who seek greater independence and control over their environment. Our dedication to providing remote access solutions ensures that our customers can customise and manage their surroundings according to their specific needs and preferences.

David Ridley, the visionary behind Ridley Electronics, has been conducting evaluations across the United Kingdom to support occupational therapists, councils, housing associations, adaptation companies, and design firms in meeting the unique requirements of end users. Through these assessments, David Ridley aids in identifying and addressing the specific needs of individuals, ensuring that the recommended solutions are tailored to enhance their quality of life. By collaborating with various stakeholders, Ridley Electronics strives to provide comprehensive and customised support to meet the diverse needs of end users.

At our company, we are deeply committed to empowering individuals to lead independent lives through the technology we provide. We collaborate closely with our clients, customising access control and communication equipment to meet their unique needs and preferences. Our aim is to ensure that every client receives tailored solutions that enable them to achieve an independent lifestyle.

Ridley Electronics’ Products Include:
Access Controls

Ridley Electronics offers devices for increased accessibility and security, tailored to your mobility needs. Our user-friendly systems can be controlled using a variety of transmitters, with more options available.

Our highly reliable access systems have been improving our customers' lives for nearly 40 years. Some of our earliest customers still use perfectly functioning products to this day. We strive to collaborate with you in resolving any access challenge you may encounter. Our devices are flexible and customisable, allowing us to meet your specific requirements.

Door latch release system, door openers, gate openers, sliding-door openers, multi-door openers, wireless video door latch release


Ridley Electronics recognises the challenges of maintaining communication with elderly or disabled loved ones, even when they are in close proximity. Our range of Communication products can be seamlessly integrated with our other devices, enhancing independence and facilitating care programs. Whether you require solutions for a domestic or care environment, our Communications section provides a comprehensive selection to suit your specific needs. For further information and personalised assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to help you find the right products and support you require.

Curtain passive infrared detector, DECT monitors, man down alarm, radio frequency door contacts, wanderer locator, hands free intercoms, hands free telephones, radio frequency distress alarms, Ridley call systems, roving alarms
Environmental Controls

Our assortment of environmental control products is specifically designed to cater to the needs of disabled and elderly individuals. This selection encompasses Curtain Pullers, Window Openers, and Remote Switches, offering enhanced convenience and accessibility.

Curtain puller, remote frequency 13a switch, swipe tags, Maglock systems, casement window openers, sash window openers, window openers
Methods of Control

Our systems are meticulously crafted to enhance independence and, ultimately, the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and the elderly. We firmly believe that remote technology plays a vital role in empowering individuals in their homes, workplaces, and any other locations they may visit.

Alternative switching methods, break beam detectors, long range swipe tag readers, multi-button transmitters, radio frequency transmitters, single button transmitters, spring switch, transmitter switches

Security Equipment

We offer a range of methods to assist client’s with security.

Automated Locking Systems, Maglock Locking Systems, Video Door Latch Release
To obtain further details regarding our products and services, feel free to contact us at 01722 717878 or visit the official Ridley Electronics website.

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Ridley Electronics Ltd

I had an automatic door opener fitted on my front door and a window opener fitted in a couple of rooms and they are great. They were very helpful when I was ordering and the guy who came to fit it was very nice and could not have been more of a help. They managed to install it pretty quickly and its been brilliant being able to be more independent, my carers definitely appreciate it as well!


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