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Unit 1, Cumberland Works
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West Byfleet Surrey KT14 7LF United Kingdom

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About us

At Sesame Access Systems Ltd, we take pride in offering lifts that are perfect for Listed Buildings and iconic properties. Our clients rely on us for beautifully finished, high-quality, and reliable wheelchair lifts that seamlessly integrate with the building's architecture. Working alongside architects is a joy as they inspire us with their best ideas! Whatever your requirements may be, we are here to collaborate with you and transform your vision into a reality that surpasses expectations.

Frequently, we receive inquiries about installing wheelchair access in Listed Buildings. The answer is a definite "Yes, we can."

Sesame's custom-made lifts have received approval from English Heritage and Heritage Scotland for installation in numerous historic buildings throughout the UK. Our discreet wheelchair lifts seamlessly blend with the building's architecture, preserving the integrity of these iconic structures. Having successfully installed our access lifts in various London Boroughs, including Westminster, and across different counties in the UK, we likely have an approved precedent for your specific location.

Our Lift Range Includes:

  • Horizontal Retracting Stair Lifts
  • Vertically Retracting Stair Lifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Custom Lifts
  • Residential Lifts
At Sesame, our wheelchair lifts and disabled access solutions are driven by innovation and engineering excellence, making them award-winning and forward-thinking. The design of our patented wheelchair lift system carefully considers space, functionality, and usability. It combines various control systems with practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

A Sesame Wheelchair Lift Is:
  • Equally suited to public or domestic use
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Available with a choice of push button, smart card or remote signal operation
  • Offers a Variable power supply
  • Supplied with automatic battery backup
  • Provides step surfaces adaptable to existing decor
  • Fully works tested before installation
  • Quickly installed
At Sesame, we have a deep passion for British Manufacturing and Engineering. Each of our custom lifts is meticulously designed to suit the unique needs of every building and crafted by our skilled engineers in our Surrey workshop. Our world-class design team is driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, pushing the boundaries of disabled access solutions. Our ultimate vision is to create a world where every individual can access any building freely, without encountering barriers.


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Sesame Access Systems

I love the Sesame lift concept! I had the pleasure of using it recently and what a difference it made to my experience of attending a meeting at a venue in Central London! Like all other attendees, I entered through the front door, thanks to the fact that the lift is hidden in the main entrance steps. Finally, no need to factor in time (and humiliation) for being escorted through often convoluted routes that more often than not take in the bins areas and other things buildings normally keep hidden from the public and which no other guests would ever be expected to see!I hope this is going to be a game changer and that for Disabled people, being expected to access buildings via grubby back entrances will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to this amazing technological access solution!


Sesame Access Systems

The fabulous Sesame lift with the receding stairs was definitely a big deciding factor for our venue choice. Arriving at your venue, on your wedding day, is such an important moment and needs to make you feel special, glamorous and equal. This is definitely not a moment when a bride wants to worry about poor access.My husband and I loved that One Great George Street not only had an accessible main entrance, but also one that is stylish and has a touch of magic to it, as the stairs miraculously disappear and reveal the lift. Perfect for our fairy-tale day!


Sesame Access Systems

I’ve been using the Sesame Access People's Lift since I moved into my new house. It’s the most useful tool I’ve ever had. I use it to go in and out of my house but I also use it when I have to bring up and down shopping or suitcases when I’m about to travel. I’m always amazed by the look that new visitors give me when they see it in action. How do you get in?! they always ask me. Then the watch the magic happen…


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