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Smye-Rumsby Ltd

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123 Snargate Street, Dover, Kent, CT17 9AP, United Kingdom

Smye Rumsby Ltd has been supplying high quality electronic products for more than 60 years. We specialise in radio communication offering UK customers radio communication products from simple walkie talkie’s to the latest high-tech handheld two way radios. Brands include Hytera, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Vertex, and Entel.

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In 2010 I took over as Security Manager and quickly realised that the current installation was not up to the job. The black-spots on the site had serious safety implications for our security staff; we were aware of people using handheld scanners to monitor the traffic on a regular basis, having serious security implications; and the range of users on the channel made conversations difficult. With Smye Rumsby we embarked on a digital up-grade firstly with our main site. This allowed our security team to operate on a separate secure digital channel, with enhanced features such as: · GPS tracking to assist our Control Room team dispatch the nearest Security Officer to an incoming incident. · If staff are in difficulty they can raise the alarm on their radio at the ‘touch of a button’, with the GPS allowing a speedy and co-ordinated response. · Private call and radio text messaging features cut down on general traffic and allow sensitive information to be relayed to those who really need to know. · The coverage and clarity of the digital frequency means there are no radio black spots on site, and allow radio communication for local off site activities as well. Through future-proofing technology with Smye Rumsby, in 2011 we linked our main site and secondary site through an IP radio link. This meant our colleagues some 30 miles away could draw on the benefits we experienced. The link allows the operational staff to communicate both locally with each other, or at the touch of a button connect with colleagues and co-ordinate cross site activities. This has proved invaluable for our multi-site operation and means that staff – no matter which end of the county they are – can instantly communicate with our central control. We have a number of other projects in the pipeline to further upgrade and roll out radio communication enhancements, and with the technical guidance, professionalism, attention to detail and speedy response we have received from Smye Rumsby we’re confident of a smooth successful operation.